No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2320

Four of them would send out their senses every time. Each in charge of one direction. That way, they preserved their aura and true energy while they also increased their accuracy. After arranging everything, they decided on a direction to advance.

When everyone advanced, Jackie, Graham, and the other stranger combatants were all arranged to stand at the front. They truly felt the power of moving as a group then, and everyone felt a sense of security.

After all, they had lost over two-thirds of their people, and they were already at the stage where everyone was in danger. While the group advanced at a steady pace, Jackie once again talked to Graham and Benjamin.

It was not really much of a conversation, however, because Jackie’s tone had a hint of accusation to it. His dark eyes were focused on Graham to his left.

“Graham, as a top-five chosen disciple in the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, you must have the favor of the elders and leaders. There’s something in my heart that I’ve been mulling over for several days, and I wonder if you can help me clear my doubts.”

Even though the words sounded polite, there was an accusatory undertone to it that slightly stunned Graham and Benjamin.

Graham raised an eyebrow. “If it’s something I know, I’ll tell you. However, if it involves secrets of the clan, then I really can’t help you.”

The words sounded ambiguous, but Jackie did not mind. He smiled lightly as he said, “What is the Thousand Leaves Pavilion planning? Why did they allow the Corpse Pavilion to enter this place? Did the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s internal and external elders feel like the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples would be kind enough to not harm us?

“A Big part of what’s happening right now is because the Corpse Pavilion was allowed entry. If it was just us northern clans, things wouldn’t have escalated to this point regardless of whatever conflict would’ve taken place.”

Jackie’s words were very meaningful, and it caused Graham and Benjamin to have a change of expression. It truly was a question that could not be overlooked, and Jackie was right. If the Corpse Pavilion had not been allowed entry, this catastrophe would not have happened.

They would not have lost so many disciples.

Just thinking about Riv’s bloodless face caused Jackie To boil in anger. He truly did not understand what the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was trying to do.

At Mount Beasts, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had noticed the Corpse Pavilion sealing the place up, yet they acted like nothing had happened, ignoring the disciples on Mount Beasts.

It was as if those lives were insignificant to them. Entering the Hidden Place for Resources needed permits, and there were only 180 of them. They did not even have enough to distribute among themselves, but they took out half for the southern clans.

Jackie could not understand their actions at all.

Graham let out a long sigh as he answered, albeit rather exasperatedly, “The Pavilion doing this naturally has its own reasons as well as their plans. After all, the elders and disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion aren’t idiots. There’s no way they’re doing all of this for no good reason; they must have a very special goal.”

Hearing all that, Jackie could not hold back the mockery in his words as his face darkened. “Do you think such an explanation is enough for everyone? Even though we’ve deliberately toned down our voices and no one else can hear what we’re saying, do you truly think they aren’t mulling the same things internally?

“So many people have died, and most of them were the elites from the various clans. What sort of plan is worth sacrificing all their lives?”


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