No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2319

“There are so many amazing things on the Divine Void Slope, so who wouldn’t want them? Of course he wants them all for himself, and if that’s the case, then he first needs to get rid of all of us!”

Graham could still not fully accept everything that was said, and doubt clouded his eyes.

Jackie smiled lightly as he walked forward, placing a hand on Graham’s shoulder. “Since his goal is obvious, then everything he’s done is to contribute toward that goal. Him leaving the mark behind is also for that goal.

“Even though he still doesn’t know the full details, as long as we obtain even more evidence, the answer will naturally reveal itself.”

Graham nodded, not understanding it fully. The two of them suddenly fell silent, and neither of them said anything. They were both deep in their own thoughts, but Jackie seemed to have a calmer expression, while Graham’s was much darker.

He was incredibly worried about what would happen next. After a long time, Graham finally urged, “Then, what should we do after this?”

Jackie walked two steps forward. “Search.”

“Search for what?”

“Search for the other marks the masked man left behind. Once we find enough of them, we’ll be able to find out. Furthermore, you have to remember that our goal this time isn’t revenge but passing the stage instead.”

Graham nodded, feeling that Jackie’s words were reasonable.

Jackie continued, “Let’s stop getting tangled up here, then. If we want to find answers, we have to first find the other marks. After that, we continue advancing; we can’t just hand a free pass to the masked man.”

“Even though he’ll threaten our safety, we’ve already prepared ourselves, and we have enough skills as well. All these problems can be solved.”

Jackie’s last few words were said in a very firm manner, causing Graham to be taken aback. This disciple from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion named Jackie never failed to surprise Graham, time after time.

He never expected that a disciple from a regular third -grade clan could advance to where Jackie was. The fact was that his skill was on par with Graham’s. He was also strategic, and he was incredibly mature in how he spoke and acted.

Jackie looked at Graham and noticed that the latter was already looking at him differently. He could not help but snort mentally, but he did not dwell on the matter.

He decided to change the topic instead, saying, “We don’t have any time to waste. Since we’re sure of what we have to do next, we should hurry up and make our arrangements.”

Those words served as a reminder to Graham, and Graham immediately jumped into action, hurriedly walking toward the others. He had just taken two steps when Jackie’s voice was heard behind him,” Remember: we can’t afford to split up. No matter where we go, we have to go together. Otherwise, we’d just be giving them a chance.”

Graham nodded without turning his head around. He arrived at where everyone was gathered before he loudly arranged everything. He had everyone stand apart, taking turns sending their senses out, and rotating every two hours.


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