No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2318

Graham frowned as he looked at Jackie earnestly. Jackie gazed into the distance, looking at the endless color of blood on the horizon. He fell deep in thought, and after a good while, he finally opened his mouth and continued, “He wants to kill us. There are, after all, benefits to achieving just that. After all, we’re his competitors, and only by killing us will he easily obtain those rewards.

“If we successfully arrive at the foot of Netherworld Mountain and get sent back to the Divine Void Slope, there will be another battle after that. If it had been before, he would probably have been incredibly confident in beating the both of us. However, right now… He probably doesn’t have that confidence anymore.”

Graham nodded in agreement; Jackie was right. Killing them would save him a lot of trouble.

Jackie smiled coldly before he added, “He’s got a grudge against me from the start, too. Furthermore, he definitely has another goal in entering the Hidden Place for Resources. In clearing us, his obstacles, it’ll be much easier for him to do anything.”

Graham’s face was sullen as he said, “So that’s why he wants to kill us all- not wanting anyone to survive?

Jackie nodded, and Graham was close to losing control of his composure. Just thinking about the masked man, who always acted high and mighty, and thinking about the incredibly disadvantageous position they were in made him incredibly anxious.

He looked up at Jackie. “I think something’s wrong,”

Jackie raised a brow, motioning for Graham to continue, Graham lowered his voice as he said,” You’re right. His greatest wish at the moment is to clear obstacles, and that’s us, so he can arrive at Netherworld Mountain alone, making him the only one who passed

“He doesn’t have the confidence that he can kill the two of us in one blow, so he needed to plot and scheme, clearing everyone around us and leaving us alone. Then, he’d use numbers to eliminate us.”

Saying that, he paused, and Jackie nodded. “That’s probably what he’s planning, so which part of it do you think is wrong?”

Jackie seemed to have thought of something after his own question, and he smirked. “You’re saying that since he’s trying to eliminate everyone who can help the two of us, then no traces would be left, but we found the corpses.”

Graham nodded. That was indeed what he was thinking, and it was far too much of a strange point.

If the masked man truly did plan on eliminating everyone else, leaving only both him and Jackie for last, then he would not have let them realize something was strange.

However, after he killed the northern clan disciples, h e allowed the others to run amok, not bothering to clear any traces and displayed too blatantly. It was clear he did not care if Graham and the others could see it.

“That’s a hefty question. Before we can clear up this point, I feel like your earlier guess has no ground to stand on.”

Graham was right, and Jackie agreed with what he said as well. Jackie smiled, not answering Graham’s question and, instead, mentioned the hidden traces of electricity on the withered tree.

Graham said in confusion, “He left traces of the Evil Blood Thunder as a mark, and you think that there’s definitely more than just one? What does this have to do with your earlier suspicions?”

Jackie looked up and said earnestly, “The two definitely have something to do with each other. You were definitely right before. Since he wanted to kill off everyone around us and finish us off in the end, then he wouldn’t have let us notice it.

“However, the fact of the matter is that he seems to be deliberately letting us notice it. He wanted to display everything in front of us, so there’s definitely something behind it. Whatever they are, his goals are all for us to see.”


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