No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2317

Jackie snorted, not thinking much about it. “I think he’d still be able to return. As long as all of us die here, no one will be able to prove what he did. He’d naturally be able to go back safely and might even receive a bountiful reward.”

The others visibly soured at this. Even though it was hard for them to criticize the situation, with Griffin’s status as well as the others from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion present, they still abhorred Griffin’s actions silently.

Even scumbags would detest those who only knew how to suck up to others when challenges arose.

Isaiah gritted his teeth as he said, “He’s gone too far. What he’s done before is one thing, but with what he did this time-“

“That’s enough,” interjected Jackie as he raised his hand, “it’s not worth us wasting time talking about him at this point.”

Jackie then slowly stood up and turned to look at Graham. “Do you have any way of communicating with the rest?

“With them gathering up their forces against us, our best course of action is to gather every last one of our manpower.”

Graham nodded grimly, hurriedly taking out the sound-transfer array and contacting everyone else. The Dual Sovereign Pavilion also had a way of sharing its location, but compared to the sound transfer array, it was far simpler.

Nonetheless, it was still quite useful. After quickly contacting everyone in 15 minutes, they had notified everyone they could.

After about two hours, all the surviving northern clan disciples had been gathered. There were even those who had forced themselves to come over, despite varying injuries.

After they did a headcount, they noticed that there were only 25 of them left. When they entered the Hidden Place for Resources, the northern clan had brought in a total of 90 disciples. The losses were already more than two-thirds.

It was a massive loss. Furthermore, it was not guaranteed that all 25 of them would make it out alive. The situation was already in an incredibly serious state.

After everyone had gathered, the unsettling feeling had been somewhat quelled. Graham was busy consoling the other disciples, while Jackie had picked a secluded spot and brought Nelson over as well.

He sat down next to Nelson and tended to Nelson’s wounds, not saying a single word.

Nelson looked at Jackie helplessly. “Tell me: will we survive?”

As he said that, he had an aura of despair and hopelessness about him. Jackie could understand how he felt after stabilizing the injuries, Jackie told Nelson about Riv’s death. Nelson and Riv had been quite close, and when Nelson finally registered the news of his demise, his morale plunged into an all-new low.

Jackie shook his head. “There’s no point thinking about all this now; you better focus on recovering.”

At that moment, Graham’s voice could be heard from a distance, “Come, Jackie. Let’s discuss our next course of action.”

Jackie sighed in exasperation. In truth, he did not want to discuss anything with Graham. He kept feeling like even though the guy seemed like a perfect gentleman on the surface, he was, in truth, not that righteous.

Unfortunately, at that moment, they were forced to work together, and staying as a group was the most sound choice. With that in mind, he was forced to walk toward Graham.

Graham anxiously said, “Jackie, what do you think his goal is?

Jackie let out a small chuckle. “That’s not hard to guess.”


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