No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2316

Nelson’s lips curved into a bitter smile as he spoke. It was as if he was mocking himself as well as the people who had discussed it back then.

“I had thought that as long as he didn’t provoke them, and as long as he tried to stay out of their way, we wouldn’t be in any danger. No one would’ve ever expected that they’d suddenly stop advancing when they noticed us, and rush right at us instead.

“The five of us fled the moment we realized something was wrong. However, we were too slow, and they eventually caught onto us. Not even bothering to listen to us, about our identity or where we’re from, the first thing they did was attack us with their weapons!”

Nelson’s whole body trembled, his eyes growing bloodshot as flashbacks of what had happened ran through his mind. He felt completely broken.

He gulped and continued, “How could we have stood up against them? I looked on as my fellow disciple fell right before me. At that moment, all I could think of was fleeing!

“Thankfully, the elder gave me an offensive talisman before we left. The attack from the item was incredibly strong after it was activated, and it blew a hole in the group. I…took that opportunity to escape.

The tears that pooled in Nelson’s eyes finally fell at that moment, and they dripped onto his clothes. Everyone exchanged looks, noticing how grave the issue was.

It was just like they had anticipated, but it also meant that the situation was already at its worst.

Isaiah painfully said, “So you’re the only one who survived?”

In truth, Isaiah had merely been lamenting the situation. With what had happened, Nelson would have been the only survivor, yet…

Nelson’s expression suddenly changed when Isaiah questioned him, as if there was another twist.

His demeanor had garnered everyone’s attention. Those who were not familiar with Nelson could not formulate words at that moment, but Isaiah had known Nelson for many years. With how strange Nelson’s expression was, he asked, “Did something else happen? Has someone else survived?”

Nelson had not planned on speaking about that. After all, it was not just those from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion that were gathered there. However, if he did not say it, it could very well bring them all harm.

With that, Nelson brought himself to confess,” Someone else had survived, yes. Not only did he survive, but he’s not injured at all. He’s in a very good state.”

Nelson’s anger was evident in the way he spoke, and the individuals around him looked on in curiosity. Nelson let out a long sigh as he rubbed his temples.

“There were three of us from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion,” added Nelson, nearly growling. “Other than me and the disciple who died, there was also Griffin Olsen!”

Normally, even though Nelson did not truly approve of how Griffin acted, he regarded Griffin as a junior. However, the situation was completely different this time.

Nelson’s wrath was unbridled at this point when he spat out his response, and it was too obvious to ignore.

Jackie suddenly smirked. “Did Griffin submit himself to Corpse Pavilion before you even started fighting?”

“He sucked up to the masked man and constantly bad -mouthed me. Not only did he manage to survive, but he’s now a part of the Corpse Pavilion.”

Nelson’s face stiffened as he gazed at Jackie regretfully. Even though he did not want to admit it, the truth was still the truth, and there was no way for him to change it. He forced himself to nod.

“It’s as you said. Back then, we were incredibly furious, but that didn’t help at all. He had already made up his mind and will probably never return to the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.”


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