No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2315

Jackie had a trace of uncertainty in his voice, “Nelson!”

At that moment, Nelson was in an incredibly bad state. His clothes had all been stained with blood, his body ripped all over by some unknown weapon. He looked to be in a worse state than some beggar by the side of the road. He had lost all trace of his usual noble demeanor.

Nelson tightly clenched Jackie’s arm, his lips trembled slightly, “Jackie! I finally found you!”

At that moment, the rest of them had caught up. When Isaiah saw that it was the chosen disciple, Nelson, he widened his mouth in surprise, not daring to believe what he was seeing.

He immediately knelt down, holding Nelson with both hands, “What happened?! How are you so injured?!”

Jackie did a simple check of Nelson’s injuries. A third of his Vessels were already broken, and he had countless wounds, big and small. There were even two broken bones. The fact that Nelson had managed to reach this place was already a testament to his will.

Nelson no longer had the energy to respond to Isaiah’s questions. Jackie knew very well how much Nelson was suffering at that moment.

He looked up at Isaiah, “Do you have recovery medication, I…”

Jackie had a very troubled expression on his face hearing Nelson. Isaiah immediately knew what Jackie was thinking when he saw the expression and did not dwell on the problem.

Reaching into his storage ring, he took out two recovery pills, stuffing them into Nelson’s mouth. Jackie was already an elder disciple and was in a much higher position than a regular disciple.

However, Isaiah knew that Jackie had only been an elder disciple for a few days, there was no way for him to have accumulated any wealth. Hence, he could not have had any recovery pills, which was why Jackie was forced to look at him.

After taking the pills, Nelson’s expression calmed down a bit. Jackie and Isaiah helped Nelson take a seat, and Nelson started to shut his eyes to meditate and recover. After two hours, Nelson’s injuries started to stabilize.

Even though he was still heavily injured, he had cleared his mind enough to start answering questions. Graham and the others moved over, asking a few questions about Nelson’s injuries before anxiously asking him what happened.

Nelson frowned. “Ever since I left the starting spot, I had planned on killing a few fiends and possibly obtaining some good treasures. On the way, I met a few fellow disciples and formed a small alliance.

“The small alliance consisted of five of us, three from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and two from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.”

For some reason, Nelson had a strange look on his face when he mentioned the alliance. Even if most of them had noticed, none of them interrupted him.

Nelson continued, “The five of us advanced together, killing fiends. The journey had been filled with surprises but had not been particularly dangerous. Yet, two hours ago, we suddenly encountered a large group of disciples from the Corpse Pavilion!”

Nelson’s hands trembled as he recall the scene. He could not hold back his fear and anger. It looked like he had witnessed slaughter before his own eyes.

“I had no idea how many disciples the masked man had with him. However, I knew that there would be no way for the five of us to stand up to so many of them.

“Furthermore, with the masked man at the helm, they could probably easily accomplish anything they wanted to! So, the five of us avoided looking for any trouble with them.

“He did not know what the masked man was bringing so many fellow disciples around for. So, we got curious…”


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