No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2314

However, he had never been a particularly expressive person, so he resisted his surprise. The people behind him obviously did not have Graham’s level of control.

The moment they saw Jackie, they all widened their eyes. Their faces were full of questions. Graham first nodded slightly at Hayden before he walked forward to them, saluting Jackie.

“Jackie, I can’t believe I’m meeting you here. I’d have thought that you’d already have been at least twice as far inside, killing countless fiends.”

The words sounded respectful, but Jackie paid no mind to it at all. He felt amused that Graham was definitely not as upright and straight as he wanted to seem. It would seem like Graham was a schemer as well, and he would need to be careful interacting with Graham.

Jackie merely nodded slightly, shooting Hayden a look. Hayden immediately understood what Jackie wanted, and did not hesitate to reveal everything they had discovered.

Graham had a dark look on his face. Once Hayden finished, Graham said seriously, “Actually, I noticed a few corpses on the way here as well. All of those corpses belonged to the northern clans. I had wondered if it had been the work of fiends or maybe fighting over the treasure.

“Now, it doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks like someone has already decided that all of us need to die here.”

The last words had been practically forced out of Graham’s mouth through clenched teeth. Benjamin did not look to be in a good state as well.

He stepped forward and said, “What should we do?! I never expected that the Corpse Pavilion would be so ruthless to want to kill us all off! None of us expected something like this from the start, and we gave them a chance to seize the initiative. Who knows how many have died.”

Benjamin was right. Even though they’ve only noticed a dozen or so corpses thus far, no one could guarantee that was the extent of it. It was possible that, with the masked man at the helm, the Corpse Pavilion had already started slaughtering all of the northern clan disciples.

The eight that were present all had ugly looks on their faces. If the Corpse Pavilion really gained the upper hand, then the masked man would definitely surround all those who remained at the end.

Even though Graham, Benjamin, and Jackie were all extraordinary, there was still no way for them to fight against those sorts of numbers. If it turned into a numbers game, then they would be helpless.

If that happened, they would be forced to run, leaving behind the weaker disciples. Even if they survived, they would not know what to say when they returned to their clans.

They were already at the brink of despair when they suddenly heard frantic footsteps in the distance. The eight of them looked toward the noise.

They saw a man in ragged clothing limping toward them, staggering as he moved. When the man noticed Jackie and the others, he was incredibly emotional

Even though his leg was injured, he still quickened up the pace. Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, feeling like the silhouette looked incredibly familiar. He could not stop himself from walking forward for a better look.

When he saw who he was, his heart stopped, and he hurriedly ran forward.

When the man saw Jackie and the others, it was like he had found his last hope! He ran quickly and urgently, and his left foot ended up tripping over his right, sending him tumbling to the ground.

Right before he fell on the ground, someone reached out their hands, holding him securely and pulling him up slowly.


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