No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2313

“Then we can never switch off our senses. As long as he notices anything wrong, we should flee immediately, don’t even think about anything else!”

Death was terrifying. It was something all of them did not want, nor were willing to face. Their group was not that prominent among the masters gathered in the Hidden Place for Resources, but back within their own clans, they were among the elites.

They were either internal or chosen disciples within their clans. Normal informal disciples or runners, and most of the other internal disciples would never dare to look down on them.

They were always greeted respectfully, and they had their own bright futures to look forward to. Hence, none of them were willing to lose their lives in a place like this.

Isaiah’s whole body was trembling slightly because he was constantly being flooded with the pale face of Riv in his head.

Just half a day ago, Riv had been joking around with the rest of them. He never expected that the next time they met, that carefree and playful top internal disciple would end up as a corpse.

He had died so quickly, in just one hit. He did not even have the chance to fight back. It had been far too cruel.

Isaiah took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. However, his heart was still beating erratically. After a moment, he told Jackie, “Jackie, there’s definitely a reason he left a mark behind here. There might be something special around here that we haven’t noticed

“It’s because our investigation is just on the surface. Why don’t we investigate in detail so we can try and see what he’s up to.”

Jackie nodded, “You’re right, but I feel like the masked man probably did not leave only a single mark behind. We might be able to see similar marks around here.”

Right after he said that an explosive sound was heard. It was as if someone was heading toward them at a fast speed. The four of them jumped back in surprise, and their eyes all moved to the origin of the sound

A handsome man in green robes was rushing toward them, with three others behind him. The man was already less than a hundred and fifty meters away from them. Looking at that, Hayden was incredibly emotional

“Graham is here, he’s finally here. With the two of you, I probably won’t have to die anymore…”

Seeing Graham had put Hayden thoroughly at ease. Jackie raised his eyebrow, his mind thinking back to the sound transfer array that Hayden had taken out earlier

The array was something incredibly expensive. Normally, regular disciples could not possibly own them. Even if Hayden was one of the top internal disciples in the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, he still did not have the money to buy such a thing.

That meant that the array must have been given by someone else. The uniqueness of the array meant that just buying one was useless, they would have needed two for it to be used.

Thinking about that, Jackie turned and looked at Hayden meaningfully. Before, Jackie thought that Hayden had a bit of a rotten mouth, but was just one of the stronger disciples in the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.

There had been nothing particularly noteworthy about Hayden, but now it seemed like he had underestimated the guy.

As he thought about it, Graham and Benjamin landed in front of them. When Graham saw Jackie, his eyes narrowed a little, obviously surprised.


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