No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2312

It was a withered tree with no signs of life left in it. It was about the height of two humans. The tree was so withered that, just by touching the trunk, layers of dried bark would fall off.

Jackie ignored the people behind him. He slowly knelt down, staring right at the tree’s roots. The three of them looked toward where Jackie did and did not notice anything strange.

The roots seemed to be just like any other part of the tree. It was unknown how long it had died. The white skin spoke of the ages past. With Jackie not having said anything yet, the other three did not dare to Make any careless moves.

The three of them merely stared at where Jackie was looking. However, no matter how they looked, they could not find anything strange about it. After kneeling down for a long time, Jackie slowly stood up.

His eyes had an unusual look to them, “What’s the point of doing all this? Is there anything special in this place?”

After saying that, he looked up to look at his surroundings. It was still the same endless, blood colored world. There did not seem to be anything special there, nothing that would attract Jackie’s attention.

Isaiah frowned and asked, “What’s the point in what? Jackie, what did you find?”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, saying in a plain tone,” Evil Blood Thunder, I felt a sliver of it on the roots of this tree. It’s the same electricity I felt on Riv’s body.

Jackie had carefully investigated Riv’s corpse, especially the electricity around his chest. Without that as a reference, Jackie would not have so accurately noticed the odd circumstance.

The masked man had merely left a sliver of electricity around that tree, probably only as a mark. That was why Jackie expanded his attention, trying to see if there was anything special around them.

However, after looking for a long time, he did not notice anything. It was possible that it really was just a mark. With Jackie’s words, the three of them sent out their senses at the roots of the tree, and sure enough, they noticed the remnants of Evil Blood Thunder.

Hayden’s expression was incredibly dark, “What is it that this piece of trash wants?! He definitely has a goal in mind!”

With their fellow disciples dying in such a cruel manner, Hayden and others were naturally incredibly upset. On top of them, the group of madmen could very possibly attack them as well, causing the group to harbor even more hatred.

They did not have the confidence to beat the masked man. Even though Jackie was there, their opponents were working together. With only the four of them, they would definitely not end up in a good state.

Samson paced around nervously. His skills were the weakest, and he was the one most worried about his own future.

“What do we do? I feel like that group isn’t just crazy, they are madmen with a plan in their heads. Facing them, we have to be incredibly careful. Otherwise, if we meet them, we’re gone!”

Finishing that statement, Samson’s face was incredibly terrified. His lips trembled slightly as he looked at Jackie with anticipation. Jackie knew what Samson was worried about.

There was nothing much Jackie could do at that moment either. “Just take it easy for now. We already know that this group will definitely attack if they meet us.

“Then, we just have to retreat immediately the moment we spot traces of them. If we’re far enough from them, they definitely won’t be a threat to us.”

Jackie’s words were mostly to comfort Samson’s anxiety, but Samson still looked incredibly panicked.


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