No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2311

Samson said with a look of fear, “Then what do we do? We can’t just stand there and wait for death! We can’t just let them kill us, we have to work together!

“We need to get all the disciples from the northern clans to work together to fight against them! Fiends or treasures are not important at all, our lives are the most important!”

Samson was right, with how the situation was, all those treasures were no longer that attractive to them. Their lives were the most important thing, and ensuring their clans were able to profit as well.

With the Corpse Pavilion crazily attempting to slaughter everyone, if they did not react immediately, all of them would be placed in a lot of danger. They would be at an absolute disadvantage with no way of turning the tables around.

Jackie turned to look at the three of them, “Do you three have any way to notify the other disciples from your clans?”

Hayden nodded, “I have an idea! I have a sound transfer array with Graham!”

As he said that, he retrieved a sealing array that was about the size of a palm out of his storage ring. Jackie knew what that was.

Arrays like that were incredibly expensive, regular folk would not be able to afford them at all. However, it had its uses at crucial times.

As long as spirit crystals were placed outside of the formation, they could transmit sound through space. They could no longer even afford to think about the cost at that point, and Hayden retrieved a few more spirit crystals, placing them there.

Various seals started to appear, and in two breaths, Hayden said into the array, “Graham! Something bad’s happened! We’re now at…”

Hayden suddenly paused at that. He did not know how he could convey the position he was to Graham. After all, they were not familiar with the area.

Jackie frowned before saying, “We’ve advanced about thirty kilometers. With Netherworld Mountain as the landmark, we’re to the west. You can light a signal when you’re here.”

That was the only way they could describe their position. After the voice was sent over, Graham’s voice was sent back after about five breaths time, “I understand, I’ll head there immediately!”

After that, Hayden was a bit more relaxed. He slumped on the floor in exhaustion. As a warrior, he was actually not afraid of death.

He’d seen his fellow disciples being killed by man or beast alike. However, this was different from before, this was manslaughter!

None of them would have survived! Thinking about that, Hayden suddenly felt like someone had their hands around his throat, that he could die at any Moment.

Just as they were feeling incredibly nervous, Jackie suddenly raised his head, looking over a withered tree before he suddenly reacted. The three of them were shocked and immediately ran behind Jackie.

Samson trembled as he said, “Jackie, did you see something? Is there any danger?”

Jackie frowned, “I can feel…something on the branch of that tree!”

Jackie walked forward toward the tree. Jackie’s movement had been too quick. The three of them were still incredibly anxious. Even though they were reluctant, they still followed behind.


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