No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2310

Right at that moment, Hayden, who had been silent throughout, suddenly said, “I remember now!”

The three of them turned around and saw Hayden with a look of realization on his face. He looked up at Jackie earnestly and he hurried forward, arriving next to Jackie.

“It’s Evil Blood Thunder!” Hayden said firmly.

Jackie paused for a moment before asking, “What is Evil Blood Thunder?”

Hayden quickly answered, “Evil Blood Thunder is what caused us to feel that sliver of electricity around Jackieson and Riv’s wounds!”

The electricity remained around their wounds, and there was no blood around them at all. It looked so strange. I felt like it seemed familiar at the time as if I’d seen it somewhere.

“I kept on trying to remember as we walked, and I suddenly did. I once saw a martial skill called Evil Blood Thunder in ancient records. It leaves behind this effect after killing someone!”

After saying that, his face turned serious. He took a few deep breaths, composing himself before he continued, “It’s an incredibly cruel technique, but it’s highly ranked. It has the abilities of an intermediate stage Earth level technique. Those who train in it need to constantly kill other people to absorb the blood of others!

“Those hit by the technique will have all the blood around their wounds absorbed and digested by Evil Blood Thunder instantly. Due to the lightning properties of the technique, each strike is incredibly explosive.

“Now that I think about it. Their wounds were not the result of being punched, but of an explosion! The control of the technique seems incredibly good. It’s obvious that whoever is using this technique has at least entered a proficient level!”

Hearing that, Hayden’s expression was incredibly furious as he concluded, “I think that the people who killed our fellow disciples should be the masked man from the Corpse Pavilion!

“Only he has the skills and the talent to practice an intermediate Earth level technique, and even practice it to a proficient level!”

With Hayden’s introduction, Jackie and the others were clear now. It was just as Jackie guessed. Jackie narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “It looks like my guess was right. If the masked man was the one behind the attack, then it’s definitely not for the sake of any treasures, but purely for the sake of killing. He naturally has his goals in doing that, and I have a very ominous guess!”

Hayden said anxiously, “Jackie, are you trying to say that he absolutely won’t stop at just killing seven? He’ll even kill the rest until every one of us from the northern clans is dead?!”

Jackie nodded, suddenly remembering his past experience. Jackie felt like ever since he stepped onto Mount Beasts, he had stepped into a plot that was full of mystery, and the plot was still in place until now.

Or perhaps the plot was just all culminating for this moment? He said, “Everything the Corpse Pavilion did back then, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion should have some knowledge, right?

“Allowing the disciples of the Corpse Pavilion to enter the Hidden Place for Resources is definitely something the higher-ups from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion planned. However, I don’t think the Thousand Leaves Pavilion is the only one with plans, the Corpse Pavilion has its own as well.

“What happened now is very possibly connected to their plans! Or maybe, the masked man is just doing all this out of spite!”

After saying all that, Jackie’s face completely darkened. Isaiah and the others were very worried about the situation, but there was nothing much they could do. After all, no matter in terms of skill or numbers, they were nothing to speak of.

Since the Corpse Pavilion might be relentlessly killing those from the northern clans, then they might be in danger too!


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