No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2309

Then why did it happen!” Samson said tearfully.

Other than Jackieson and Riv’s bodies that were not bleeding, the others were practically soaked in blood.

It was because of the dense smell of blood that they found this bloody scene. Hayden looked up and said seriously, “Since it’s not for treasure, and it can’t be because they were just itching for a fight for no reason, then why did they do this? They definitely had a goal, but I really can’t fathom what the goal could be?!”

Jackie turned around, looking at Netherworld Mountain, “No matter what it is, we probably won’t be able to figure it out from these seven corpses alone. We have to continue looking, and see if there are any clues elsewhere.”

The three of them nodded, feeling like Jackie was right. Jackie turned around and looked at Riv’s body with a lot of emotion. Jackie really wanted to know who did it.

Could the reason have been him? No matter what, he would find the killer for Riv, and help Riv have his revenge.

Jackie let out a sigh, “Alright, let’s tidy up their corpses for a bit and put them into our storage rings.

“We can’t just leave them in the wilderness. They’ve died in this blood-colored world, and it’s our responsibility to bring them out.”

The others nodded in unison. Everyone kept the bodies from their respective clans. After the bodies were stored, all that was left on the ground was endless blood. Looking at it was utterly disgusting, and it was enough to send a chill across anyone’s heart.

The group said nothing as Jackie turned and continued to walk toward the volcano. The rest of them followed behind Jackie. After taking two steps forward, Jackie said without turning his head around, “The four of us will take turns sending our senses out to check our surroundings. The moment you notice anything strange, voice out immediately.”

Sending their senses out referred to expanding the spiritual power to observe the surroundings. It was not out of arrogance, or the belief that they could handle anything that they did not do before.

No, it was because it consumed aura very quickly, and what sustained aura was their true energy.

Expending true energy to sustain their aura was something that would put one at an incredible disadvantage if they ended up getting into a fight. It was very easy to fall into danger.

That’s why they would never do that normally if there was nothing big happening. However, with how special the situation was, they needed to check If there were any more corpses around them.

Jackie suggested that they took turns. One person would do it while the others rested. When one’s turn ended, they could rest and replenish the true energy they had just expended while they continued to advance.

It was still filled with the unending color of blood everywhere. There was a blood-colored crescent moon in the sky. The aura of death filled the whole world. Due to how cruel the scene was before, they were all in heavy moods.

Comparatively, Jackie’s aura was the strongest. After all, Destroying the Void was a spiritual skill, and one that was very high ranked.

Hence, each time it was Jackie’s turn, the area would be incredibly large. His senses would clearly cover everything in hundreds of meters.


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