No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2308

The rest of them nodded, very much agreeing with what Jackie said. Jackie slowly stood up from the ground before continuing, “There’s seven of them in total. Even if they aren’t the strongest, the seven of them together won’t be weak. Yet, they still ended up like this, and the opponents killed them just the same.

“Just look at Jackieson and Riv’s wounds, they were definitely killed in one swift strike, leaving no room for them to counterattack.

“Someone who could do something like that is an expert! Since he’s an expert, he won’t be unknown. Just like you guessed earlier, the reason the conflict started was possibly over a treasure left behind by a fiend.

“Since it’s an expert that’s probably well known, the seven of them would have known this person who killed them. If they did, knowing the difference in skill, they would probably not have acted rashly.”

With Jackie’s explanation, the other three started to understand as well. To be able to kill them in one strike, the opponent would not have been any regular disciple. He would definitely be a chosen disciple that was highly rated.

Someone at that level would have been recognized by at least one of the seven. If they managed to recognize the person, they would have known how strong he was as well, just like Rufus from before.

If they had not appeared, and if Jackie had not lent a hand at the last moment, Byron would have been forced to retreat, no matter how much he did not want to.

The corpse flower could be given, their lives were more important in the end. The seven who died were no idiots. If they knew their opponents were strong, what would have been the point of fighting head-on?

However, they did not retreat and were instead killed. The opponent had even picked out the two strongest among them, killing them in one blow, leaving them with no room to fight back!

Jackie had a furious look on his face, killing intent showing through. “This is definitely some scheme! They did not care for some treasure, nor did they want anything else!

“They just wanted to kill. It was all to kill this group. That’s why the kills were so clean, there were no other possible results!”

Jackie’s tone was incredibly heavy as he said all that.

“That’s too far!” Samson stood up angrily, his hands trembling slightly.

“It has to be those pieces of trash from the Corpse Pavilion. Are they crazy? Why are they setting out to kill?! What do they stand to gain from killing those people? Nothing had been done to provoke them, why did they do that!”

Hayden and Isaiah looked over at Jackie again, hoping to get an answer from Jackie. Jackie sighed, his eyes sweeping over the corpses on the ground before he said, “They were not just killing people for the sake of it. They definitely had a goal. As for what the goal is? There’s nothing to be gained from killing them. I’m not very sure myself, I only have a vague guess…”

Jackie did not continue after that, and Hayden said hatefully, “Maybe the treasure these seven obtained after killing the fiend was something incredibly valuable. Those people found out and decided to do something.”

Jackie shook his head, disagreeing with Hayden, “I doubt it. In truth, we’ve only walked about 10 kilometers even after walking for so long. Compared to the two hundred kilometers we have to walk, we’re still on the outskirts.

“The fiends killed here can’t possibly be all that valuable. At the most, they’re some spiritual medicines or glasses. Only when you get closer to Netherworld Mountain will killing fiends get you treasures that are that valuable.

“Those people can’t kill these seven because of them. Even if they did, the kills would not have been so coordinated.”


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