No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2307

Unfortunately, Jackieson would never be able to respond to Hayden again. Of the seven corpses haphazardly thrown around, two of them were from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, another two were from the Muddled Origin Clan, and the remaining three were from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.

Samson found a disciple from the Muddled Origin Clan that he was close to and knelt down looking at him in pain. Isaiah’s voice was slightly hoarse as he said, “What is this? Who killed them? Was it a fiend or a person?!”

Jackie let out a sigh, his gaze shifting to Riv’s chest. There was a hole the size of a fist. There was no blood around the wound, but it was all black.

It seemed like a burnt wound. Using his senses, he could feel that it carried a sliver of electricity.

Jackie shot his gaze over at the other corpses. As he checked on the others, he noticed that they had injuries that had been caused by weapons. It was obvious that fiends had definitely not been the culprits, they were killed by humans.

Arriving next to Riv’s corpse again, Jackie’s expression was already extremely dark. His eyes had a very strange look to them.

Isaiah’s mouth trembled, “Why did they have to kill all of them? Is it like last time, is it all for the sake of treasures that fiends turned into?”

Jackie said resolutely, “No!”

Those three words had been firm, suddenly drawing the attention of the other three onto Jackie. Samson inhaled as he asked doubtfully, “Jackie, why are you so sure?”

Jackie took a deep breath, not answering Samson’s question. Instead, he checked Riv’s body, flipping Riv’s corpse over.

After doing all that, he turned around to look at the others, “Other than a piercing wound, there are no other injuries on Riv’s body. Go look at the other corpses, see if they’re like that as well.”

The other three nodded, not really understanding. Even though they were curious as to what Jackie was doing, they did not question it and did everything as Jackie instructed.

After a moment, they had completely checked on all seven of the corpses. Hayden said, “There doesn’t seem to be any extra wounds on Jackieson’s body. Just like Riv, there’s only a piercing wound on the chest.”

Jackie nodded, “Then my guess should be right.”

Saying that made the others even more curious. Before they could ask anything, Jackie asked again,” You should know those from your own sect the best. Tell me about their skills, let’s see who’s the strongest.”

All of them nodded and gave a simple brief on the respective strengths of the seven before they arranged them.

They were surprised to notice that Jackieson was the strongest, and the second was Riv. Based on what Isaiah said, Riv definitely had the skill to be a chosen disciple.

It was just that he had been secluded for a while and never had the chance to challenge any chosen disciples.

The two strongest had the exact same wounds, while the other five were littered with differing wounds as if they had suffered many different attacks.

Jackie said in a heavy tone, “It has to be those Southern clans who did this. After all, it’s not just one clan from the North that died.

The seven of them must have formed an alliance between northern clans as they advanced, killing fiends together.”


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