No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2306

It was obvious that Jackie was not the only one who smelled blood. The others had a concerned look on their face as they started to look all around. The smell of blood was too obvious, there had been a slaughter nearby

It was definitely not just one or two people who had died because the smell would not have been so strong

Samson’s expression was dark as he said, “There are no corpses nearby, but the smell of blood is still so dense. We should prepare for the worst.”

Samson’s judgment was the same as the others. When everyone smelled blood, their expressions had collectively darkened. Isaiah looked over at Jackie, wanting to say something, but swallowed back his words after some thought.

Hayden looked at Isaiah’s conflicted expression and sighed in exasperation. Since Isaiah was not willing to say it, he would

Hayden walked toward the left of Jackie, “Jackie, you make the decision. Are we going to look for the source of the smell?”.

Jackie nodded, saying just one word, “Search!”

The few of them split up, using their senses to check their surroundings. They split into the four cardinal directions, and after a while, there was some movement toward the East, where Isaiah had gone.

“Everyone, come quickly, something big happened!”

Hearing Isaiah’s summons, the others stopped in their tracks and rushed toward the East. The further they went in that direction, the thicker the scent of blood was.

After moving past a hill, Jackie immediately saw a row of corpses behind it. Quickly counting them, there were seven of them.

From their attire, they could tell that the seven corpses belonged to various clans from the north.

When they saw the scene, Jackie and the others hurried up their pace, quickly arriving next to Isaiah. Jackie let out a low cry, “Riv!”

He hurried over to Riv’s corpse. Riv at that moment had no trace of his usual carefree demeanor. His face was pale, and his chest was no longer breathing.

Jackie touched Riv’s arm. It was cold as ice. Riv had already died for several hours. Jackie had an incredibly ugly expression on his face.

He had a very good impression of Riv. Riv had spoken up for him many times in the past. As fellow disciples from the same clan, Riv was much closer to him than most.

He had thought that he would be able to see Riv’s carefree smile again. Never did he expect that the next time they meet, Riv would have turned into a corpse devoid of warmth.

Riv’s eyes were shut tightly, and his face was devoid of emotion. The blood on his lips had already dried. For some reason, even though Riv was already a corpse, Jackie could sense a sliver of unwillingness and hate in his expressionlessness.

Jackie took a deep breath, his right arm slightly trembling. Isaiah’s expression was just as bad as he knelt next to Riv.

Just like Jackie, Isaiah had a good relationship with Riv. Now that Riv had died, his mood was just as heavy as Jackie.

At that moment, another shout was heard, “Jackieson Jones!”

Haydon rushed over to another corpse as he shouted out a name, sobbing. He knelt next to Jackieson’s corpse, reaching out as he shook it, trying to wake Jackieson up.


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