No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2305

Jackie glanced at everyone before he sighed lightly,” The corpse flower is yours, keep it quick.”

Byron’s face stiffened, finally resolving his worries. He had thought that Jackie would seize the corpse flower. After all, the corpse flower was an eighth grade spirited grass. It was very valuable.

However, Jackie did not seem to care about the corpse flower at all. Byron immediately kept the flower in the jade box they had prepared, keeping it in his storage ring.

Jackie did not want to say too much to them and be delayed. “Since my identity has been exposed, we should each go our own ways. My identity will end up putting you guys in danger.”

After Jackie finished saying that, he turned around to leave. However, Samson did not seem willing to part with Jackie. Jackie said that his presence would put them in danger, but Samson did not think so at all.

He felt that having Jackie around was actually much safer. Jackie was someone who stood at the top three among them all in skill. Jackie was definitely someone incredibly strong to have around. Samson resolved to hold on tightly to Jackie.

“Jackie, I disagree with you! You won’t bring us danger but would actually keep us safe. However, if you think we’re a burden, we naturally wouldn’t dare to bother you!”

After saying that, he hurriedly turned to look at Isaiah and said, “Isaiah, don’t you think so?” After all, Isaiah was from the same clan as Jackie.

After saying that, he frantically shot Isaiah a look. Isaiah helplessly pursed his lips, knowing what Samson wanted

He knew what Jackie meant to them as well. No matter how reluctant he was to suck up, he still had to lower his head, “That’s right. If Jackie doesn’t think we’d be a burden…”

Jackie suddenly interrupted him, “Since you want to follow me so much, then let’s go. However, let me make things clear, any of the treasures from the fiends I kill will be mine.”

Isaiah and the others nodded obediently. However, Byron mentioned that he would not follow the rest since he knew that what he could do was limited and that Jackie would definitely continue advancing deeper.

The closer to the volcano they got, the stronger the fiends were. With his strength, he would not be able to deal with them, so staying outside to kill a few fiends was far better.

He was not that ambitious, knowing the limits of his Kills. After the two sides split up, Jackie was still very silent, but Samson was even rowdier than before.

“Jackie, you’re so amazing! If you were in my clan, you’d definitely rank first! Even if you were in the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, you’d probably be in the first place amongst the chosen disciples too!”

If those words fell on anyone else, they would be pure flattery, but Jackie was a worthy recipient. He did have those skills. After all, he was someone equal in skills to the top disciple of the Corpse Pavilion. Yet, Jackie did not feel like the praise was accurate,

“I should still be a bit behind the top disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion.”


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