No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2304

He was suddenly filled with immense regret for everything he had said earlier. He had no idea that the main character had been beside him all along, so his evaluations had held nothing back.

Isaiah’s words had reminded Hayden and Samson as well. Their faces burned red as they felt intense regret. They should have kept their mouths shut!

Byron looked at Jackie with a complicated look. After all, he had interacted with Jackie before, but he did not care much for Jackie at all at that moment.

He had thought that Jackie was merely someone at the intermediate stage of the innate level who was very well-connected. However, Jackie had proven how much of a joke his thoughts had been.

Jackie helplessly sighed. Since his identity had been exposed, there was no reason for him to keep up with the disguise. He tossed away the mask on his face and revealed himself to the other thirteen people present

Zamian retreated further back in fear. He had a very personal history with Jackie. Back then, he had followed the masked man in attacking Jackie and the others. At the time, he had been incredibly rude, always targeting Jackie.

Later on, Jackie had shown that his skills were on par with the masked man, but Zamian felt that it made no sense. Jackie had clearly only been slightly above him when they had a duel before. Jackie was definitely not at that level where he was capable of killing him.

It was as if Jackie had taken some crazy medicine during the recent period of time, dramatically increasing Jackie’s skills. Even though Zamian was doubtful, they still had to be careful facing all the skills he had displayed.

Rufus coldly snorted, his face full of hatred. “Let’s go!”

He spat out those words, but it had no room for disobedience. When Zamian heard that, he shot an unwilling look at Rufus. However, Rufus did not care what Zamian thought at all, spitting as he headed toward the North-East direction.

The other Corpse Pavilion disciples were reluctant, but they knew they were no match for Jackie when Rufus had already lost. With Rufus retreating, there was no point for them to stay on any longer.

They would instead be killed by Jackie. As they looked at each other, they pushed down their reluctance and left with Rufus.

Even the girl was full of anger, following the rest of them.

“Are you leaving just like that?” Samson’s voice was suddenly heard. He felt like everything was advancing too quickly, and he could not really process it. Rufus, who had been so imperious before, was actually retreating so quickly. There did not seem to be any signs of them slowing down too, leaving without a word.

It did not seem like something the Corpse Pavilion would do, and Hayden was a bit speechless as he whispered to Samson, “What else can he do but leave? If we really fought, he wouldn’t be able to last long with his injury. When that happens, they would all die. If they don’t leave quickly, they would not be able to later on if Jackie decides to kill them.”

Samson finally accepted it after hearing that explanation. He thought for a moment before nodding earnestly, “You’re right, if Jackie is their opponent, then the situation is completely different. If they did not leave, Jackie would definitely not let them off considering how close we are.”

Looking at Rufus and the others slowly disappearing In the distance, there was a sudden silence among those who remained.

They looked at Jackie with a complicated and respectful look. Samson lightly coughed, “Hello Jackie, I can’t believe it’s really you!”

Isaiah’s lips froze. In truth, he should have been the one to say that, but he had never been one to suck up to another. He had complicated feelings and said nothing.


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