No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2303

Someone like that had still proven to be no match for White! Who was White? Why have they never heard of him before?

Samson let out a sigh of relief, “No wonder he was able to save us. I thought it was just a coincidence, but he really is that skilled!”

At that moment, Isaiah slowly reacted. His lips trembled slightly, not knowing what to say. Byron’s eyes were wide, looking at Jackie floating in the air with a look of disbelief.

Zamian looked like he had just stepped on a needle, his mouth was widened, but not a single word came out! All of the disciples from the Corpse Pavilion were gaping similarly, not able to utter a single word!

The shock of what they had witnessed had been far too much for them. They would never in a thousand years have expected Rufus, who had never been defeated, to have lost at the hands of an anonymous brat.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he set his cold gaze on Zamian. Zamian shuddered at the gaze, and he felt a chill on his back. It was as if he would be killed by Jackie at the next moment.

He could not help but take two steps back, and at that precise moment, Rufus’ trembling voice could be heard, “Why haven’t you helped me up!”

Hearing that, the Corpse Pavilion disciples broke out of their stupor and rushed out, chaotically helping Rufus up.

Rufus’ entire body was trembling from the pain. His left hand clutched where he was pierced. Even his breath was erratic. The whole scene felt strange.

Rufus did not have any external injury at all, but he seemed to be in so much pain that he was practically dying. At that moment, everyone realized that Rufus did not suffer a physical injury, but one to the soul.

The pain of the soul was something incomparable to any physical pain. It was much more painful and much harder to cure. That was something everyone knew. Thinking about that, everyone started to look at Jackie with a different eye.

Byron looked over to Hayden and uttered, “Who is he?!”

That was the biggest question in his heart. Who was that man? Why was that man so strong? How did that man use soul attacks?

Hayden shook his head, wanting the answer even more than Byron. Yet, he was devoid of any. Samson and Isaiah were staring at Jackie with widened eyes as if he was a monster.

Rufus used some time to suppress the pain in his soul. At that moment, his face was incredibly pale, akin to a vampire. “I wondered who it was! So it’s… As Rufus said that, he glared venomously at Jackie.

“What? This person is Jackie?!”

Samson’s voice increased by several decibels. His mouth trembled like crazy as his eyes brimmed with excitement and disbelief.

Isaiah widened his eyes even more. His guess had been right, this man really was Jackie. He had thought he was assuming too much, that there were no such coincidences in the world. It seemed like coincidences happened for a reason!

He let out a long sigh as he said with a strange expression, “We seemed to have been making a lot of commentary about Jackie earlier.”


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