No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2302

Jackie was absolutely no match for Rufus! Earlier, Zamian’s boasts had naturally been heard by Jackie as well. Jackie slightly smiled, Earth level elementary skills?

It might be something unattainable for those present, but it was nothing to Jackie!

Thirty-five Soul Swords gathered inside the black sword. A radiant black glow came from the blade! As Rufus’ sword was swinging down thunderously, Jackie launched his attack too!

Everyone heard an incredibly loud bang, Soul Frost and Destroying the Void clashed together viciously. The dark light suddenly enveloped the cold blue light.

The two of them clashed mid-air, and in just a moment, cracking sounds could be heard.

The cold blue light had been shattered into pieces of snow. They were blown away by the wind as they fell to the ground. Jackie’s Destroying the Void did not lose a beat. After destroying the Soul Frost, it slashed right at Rufus.

From the start, Rufus had never even thought that he would lose to the masked brat in front of him. He had thought that there was no way his Soul Frost could have been blocked.

The brat would have been turned to ice, and Rufus would only have to send out a kick to shatter the brat’s body into pieces.

Yet, what he had expected did not happen. Soul Frost was actually broken by the brat’s technique. Not only that, the technique was still hurling toward him.

At that moment, Rufus was spent and did not have the strength anymore to block Destroying the Void. Nonetheless, he was still a chosen disciple of the Corpse Pavilion, so he had plenty of experience in combat.

Since he knew he could not block that technique, he would do his best to ensure that his injuries were kept to a minimum. He activated his true energy and quickly fled to the side.

However, Destroying the Void had been less than a meter away from Rufus, so there had been no way for Rufus to completely avoid it. With a piercing sound, the technique found its way through Rufus’ left shoulder.

Everyone widened their eyes as they looked over. They did not see a drop of blood, but Rufus’ face looked like he had lost all his blood. It was completely pale as he shouted, “Ah! What the hell is this!”

The pain coming from the soul was not something a regular person could withstand. Rufus felt like tens of thousands of ants were biting at the spot that was pierced, and the pain continued to intensify.

The technique Jackie had used not only pierced his shoulder but was also destroying his soul. Rufus used the true energy of his whole body in an attempt to stop Destroying the Void from rotting his soul.

However, that power was incredibly strange. Even with Rufus trying to suppress it with all his might, it merely slowed it down. He was still in so much pain that his entire body trembled!

With a stumble, he started to fall from the air, landing violently on the ground. Everyone looked at the sight in disbelief.

Rufus’ Soul Frost had looked so incredibly strong. Everyone had felt its power, but White’ technique seemed to have a mysterious power. None of them felt any intense energy fluctuations at all.

However, it actually had such a big impact. It destroyed an elementary Earth level skill, and even injured Rufus!

Rufus had basically lost in just one move.

“How is this possible!” Hayden’s voice was trembling slightly.

He did not dare to believe what he witnessed before him. There was no one there who did not know of Rufus’ skill as a disciple who was second only to Lennon.


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