No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2301

Looking at the situation, it did not seem like there was a way to stop it anymore. Samson looked at Jackie with a panicked expression, “White, are you crazy? If you fight him on your own, you’ll be killed!”

Jackie shook his head slightly, ignoring everything that was said. Zamian laughed loudly as he pointed at Jackie, “You’re crazy! You really don’t know your place. Rufus, this brat is challenging you, so you’d better not spare him any mercy. You have to show him what it means to challenge you!”

Rufus acted like he was ignoring Zamian’s words, but those words successfully made Rufus’ anger toward Jackie, peaked. To be challenged by an insignificant brat like that, if Rufus did not properly teach Jackie a lesson, it would mean that his skills were not good enough.

With that in mind, he ignored everything else as he launched himself forward, sword in hand. He rushed at Jackie, and Jackie smiled lightly, not even turning around as he said, “The rest of you retreat far away!”

Everyone else reacted immediately when they heard Jackie. Even though everyone was dubious of Jackie, the battle would definitely be intense. It would not do for them to be caught up within it.

So, when Jackie shouted out, they scattered. In a flash, the center was left with only Jackie and Rufus, who was rushing toward him.

The meter-long blade in Rufus’ hand radiated with coldness. Wherever he went turned cold to the limits. Even the blood-red soil on the ground was covered with a layer of white.

Despite the rest of them distancing themselves, they still managed to feel the intense coldness that radiated from Rufus’ body. That chill was even cold enough to stop the flow of true energy.

Jackie raised his eyebrow, not expecting Rufus to have that up his sleeves. Jackie retreated a few steps, maintaining a certain amount of distance from Rufus.

The Corpse Pavilion’s disciples were all shouting Rufus’ name, cheering for him. Naturally, Rufus did not need that at all.

Zamian loudly declared, “Rufus is amazing. He’s already elementary Earth level skills, and is already proficient!

“Even Benjamin from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion can only fight to a draw against Rufus!”

Benjamin was the second place disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion in the Secret Place for Resources, and was one of the five who arrived at the sixth stage!

Of course, Zamian’s actions were all just boasting, but Byron and the others had a sour look on their faces. They did not expect Rufus to have trained in Earth level skills.

The rest of them were not even close to that level. After all, skills of that level needed an extremely high level of comprehension, as well as a certain level of strength.

After all, without being at a certain level, it would be impossible to even comprehend the intricacies of an Earth level martial skill. Only those talented masters who were at the level of defeating practically every other disciple could learn them.

Byron let out a long breath, being forced to admit that his talent was lower than Rufus. He was only at the level of red martial skills, they were far too different!

Furthermore, the fact that Rufus was not only training but was already proficient was what caused Byron and the others to be in disbelief.

This was something regular disciples could never hope to do. Hayden and the others had a bitter smile on their faces as they shook their heads silently, already mourning Jackie in their hearts.


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