No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2300

For them, trying to face the seven of them head on would not bear any good results,

Yet, ever since they came to this place, they had been humiliated immensely. How can they just swallow their anger and leave so easily?

Byron’s face was incredibly dark with anger. In order to kill the fiend earlier, he had used up a lot of his strength. No one could stand being humiliated like that with an injury on them.

Just as Byron wanted to resist again, a clear voice could be heard next to him, “I didn’t want to do anything, but I really can’t stand it anymore. You’re Rufus? You’re the hardest one to deal with?”.

Those words successfully attracted the attention of everyone present. Both the Corpse Pavilion and the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s sides were all focused on Jackie.

Jackie walked a few steps forward, and his eyes were fixed on Rufus, Rufus smiled coldly, clearly not seeing through Jackie.

In order to properly cover up his identity, Jackie had even used his true energy to suppress his power. Of course, the suppression was temporary. The moment he fought, everyone would notice,

Rufus narrowed his eyes, measuring the masked man in front of him, “How ignorant! Do you know the consequences of mocking me?!”

Jackie laughed coldly, saying casually, “I’m not really mocking you. I just really can’t stand the sight of you. Do you think you’re very strong? Prove your strength to me then.”

After saying that, everyone heard a swish as Jackie raised his hand. In a flash, a long black blade appeared in his hand.

The sword was full of densely packed seals as usual. The sword itself was actually not that special. It was something he found on Derek after killing the man.

Jackie felt like the sword felt very comfortable to wield, so he kept it in Mustard Seed. Looking at Jackie, everyone was stunned. Was he challenging Rufus?

Was he insane? Did he not know who Rufus was? Did he really think he could face a chosen disciple from the fourth-grade Corpse Pavilion?

If Jackie had been a chosen disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion, with skills close to Rufus, they could be hopeful. However, they had never seen a chosen disciple like Jackie from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion at all.

Furthermore, the chosen disciples of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would never mask their looks and power. Since he was not one, he was purely looking for death.

Isaiah’s mouth twitched as he berated in a low voice, “White? What are you doing? Are you trying to die?”

Hayden frowned, saying unhappily, “A duel against Rufus, how bold of you. Did you not hear my introduction of him earlier?”

Jackie let out a sigh, not caring what everyone around him was saying. His eyes were fixed on Rufus, Rufus let out a cold laugh as he looked at Jackie like he was looking at an idiot.

He stepped forward and pulled out his weapon from his storage space as well. Just like Jackie, he used a sword. Only, his sword was silver, and it glowed lightly with the light of the stars, like the milky way.

“It’s been so many years, I’ve never seen someone look for death quite like you. If you want to die so badly, I’ll fulfill your wish!”


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