No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2299

His tone had been incredibly rude. Even Jackie felt angered listening to him, let alone the others.

Byron’s hands were already shaking with anger. His right hand was clenched tightly, and his left hand had already retrieved his weapon from his storage ring. The atmosphere was once again tense with the chance of battle at any moment.

Samson helplessly sighed, he was forced to whisper, “Rufus won’t be easy to deal with. He’s right behind Lennon in terms of skills in the Corpse Pavilion, and Lennon was in the top five earlier.”

Lennon might have been eliminated advancing from the sixth stage to the ninth, but he had definitely proven his skills. No one would question how strong Lennon was. So, for someone to be right behind Lennon, he was definitely strong as well.

They were obviously at the disadvantageous side, and Byron was already wounded. If they started to fight, It would be hard for their side to gain anything, and they might even lose a few lives. Samson’s skills were probably the weakest among the seven of them, so if someone were to die, he would probably be one of the first.

That was why he chose to speak up at that moment. Byron glanced at Samson indignantly, “So we’re supposed to just hand over the corpse flower we so painstakingly obtained just because we’re scared?”

Earlier, the few of them had put in so much effort to kill the beast and obtain the corpse flower. With just a few nonsensical words, the Corpse Pavilion wanted to take it for themselves. How could he just accept that?!

Zamian let out a cold snort. He had been quietly observing the discontent among the disciples of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. All they could do was accept their anger in silence.

After all, with Rufus’ skills, fighting one against two would be something incredibly easy. Even the two strongest among the seven would not be able to stand up against Rufus, which meant their even numbers were useless.

In that situation, Zamian felt fearless, “How haven’t you left yet?! Are you really planning on fighting over the corpse flower with us? Why don’t you look at yourselves in the mirror first? With Rufus here, there’s no way you can obtain the corpse flower!”

That was adding oil to the fire, causing even more discontent among Jackie’s side. They were so angered that their faces were all red. All they wanted to do was rush forward and fight to the death against Zamian.

However, they knew very well that Zamian would only hide behind Rufus in a battle. Rufus was an incredibly strong backer.

When Rufus heard Zamian’s words, his face remained emotionless as he said coldly, “Either you get lost, or you die!”

Those words seemed to trigger something in Jackie’s heart. Before they entered the Divine Void Slope, the masked man had used a similar threat against them. He still deeply remembered how much he suffered.

With Rufus saying the same thing with the same tone, Jackie’s anger had been thoroughly ignited.

Samson’s face darkened as he forced himself to lower his voice, saying to the other six, “Rufus isn’t someone we can deal with easily. Let’s just bear with this for the moment. After all, this isn’t the only fiend around. After this, we might be able to kill even more fiends and gain more treasures.”

Samson received no reply. Everyone knew it was the right thing. Samson’s words might have sounded awful to listen to, it was still the truth. Rufus was not someone they could deal with easily.


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