No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2298

Jackie inched closer toward Hayden and said in a suppressed voice, “Who’s this Rufus? What’s his position within the Corpse Pavilion?”

Jackie knew very little about the Corpse Pavilion. He knew only a few people who were from Corpse Pavilion, and that was the limit of his knowledge. As for what went on within the Corpse Pavilion, he knew nothing compared to others.

Other than the few people in front, he only recognized the masked man and that man called Lennon. Lennon’s skills lost out to the masked man, and Rufus’ skills must be decent as well.

Otherwise, Zamian would not treat Rufus with such a respectful attitude, practically wagging his tail at the man. Hayden shot a look at Jackie as if he was especially irritated by Jackie’s continuous questioning.

Yet, they were still a small team, and in the end, he calmed himself down as he answered, “Rufus is a Chosen Disciple from the Corpse Pavilion, and is only just behind Lennon in skills.”

Hayden’s tone was quite serious. He looked at Rufus as if the man were a ticking time bomb. Jackie raised an eyebrow, somewhat understanding what Hayden was feeling

If Rufus was really only second to Lennon, then Rufus is probably a huge threat. Thinking about that, Jackie shot his gaze at the others.

All those who knew who Rufus was could only look at Rufus with a serious and helpless expression. Even those who did not know of his identity could basically guess a thing or two from Zamian’s respectful tone.

On their side, they did not have a single chosen disciple. Even though Isaiah was the chosen disciple of a third-grade clan, compared to one from the fourth -grade Corpse Pavilion, he was not worth anything.

At most, he would just be a relatively stronger internal disciple there.

Rufus did not seem to care about any of them at all. He frowned as he looked around, saying in a cold tone, “Are you so weak that you can’t even deal with a few minnows like them?”

The words were full of arrogance, dumping Jackie in with the rest of them. It was as if they were useless goods that could be destroyed at any time. Zamian had a bitter look on his face when he heard that.

In truth, he wanted to curse and swear, but he did not have the guts to. He hurriedly bowed, adopting a sincere tone, “How could I compare to you. With the tiny bit of skills that I have, there’s no way I can deal with that many people.”

Rufus’ words naturally infuriated Byron and the others. The Thousand Corpse Pavilion’s disciples were all red with anger as they stared at Rufus with hateful looks.

Possibly because he had been too emotional earlier, but Byron could not hold back anymore. He could not help but walk forward as he coldly glared at Rufus,” Rufus! The Corpse Pavilion is just a bunch of bullies!”

Rufus looked over at Byron as if he was looking at an ant, his gaze greatly angering Byron. Byron wanted nothing more than to rush over and speak his mind, but he was stopped by Hayden’s arms.

Rufus plainly said, “Bullies? Why are we bullies? My fellow disciple said earlier that the Corpse Pavilion already had our eyes on this corpse flower a long time ago.

“You’re the ones who rushed in and stole what’s ours. You should be thankful we’re not asking for anything back.”


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