No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2297

Hayden exhaled a long, deep breath. He shot up from where he was and dashed from the back of the hill to the front. “Follow me!” He turned his head and ordered as he galloped.

He appeared in front of Byron within a blink of an eye, Zamian and his men were taken aback by the sudden appearance and took a few steps back.

Hayden had quite a bond with the other two men. Sure, the two men hesitated but they eventually followed closely behind him. Since both Isaiah and Hayden were gone, it would be embarrassing if they stayed behind by themselves.

They sighed resignedly and followed closely behind. Upon seeing Hayden, Byron exclaimed as if he had found his savior, “Junior Hayden!”

Hayden nodded and strode next to Byron without saying a word. He straightened his back and stood closely beside Byron, it was obvious that he was here as his backup.

Zamian frowned as Hayden’s appearance was completely unforeseeable. It would have been fine if it was just Hayden, but he had three men with him. They were definitely at a disadvantage now that Byron had four extra helping hands.

Even if the four of them were not as powerful as him, they could still win by sheer quantity. Zamian thought as his face darkened into an ugly shade.

Ever since Hayden heard their quarrel, he had despised Zamian’s guts.

Hayden sneered, his tone cold as the Antarctic, “Is everyone in the Corpse Pavilion as despicable as you? Shamelessly claiming something that others had attained with their sweats and blood as your own. Even using some pathetic, baseless excuse! Such an abhorrent act, I can’t even stand to look at your revolting face!”

Zamian’s face scrunched as if he had just swallowed a bee.

“You-” He pointed his finger at Hayden as fury smoldered him, rendering him speechless.

Samson disliked every single disciple from the Corpse Pavilion, especially Zamian now that he knew of the treacherous things he had done.

He spat aggressively, “You better f*ck off now before we f*ck you up! We’ll make sure you either crawl out of here without all four of your limbs or die!”

The terrorizing words rained on him, he felt embarrassed knowing what they said was probably true. If they really were to get into a fight, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Seeing as Hayden seemed to have decent skills, Zamion was considering fleeing the scene before trouble fell on him. As he was still torn between wanting to leave and stay, a gust of wind whiffed aggressively.

He turned around to find a familiar shadow approaching them from a distance, leading three men in long, gray robes.

“Brother Rufus!” Zamian yelled excitedly.

Jackie turned his head around to look at the man. Rufus Bate was charming looking, his white robe varied from the others. He looked at Zamian and frowned in displeasure, and then moved his eyes toward Jackie and the others.

Rufus nodded faintly, he had not spoken a word since arriving. Zamian briefly greeted the men behind Rufus.

It was easy to tell that they were all from the Corpse Pavilion from their clothing, they were of higher ups positions, too. Jackie raised his brows as he found the scene before him to be amusing.


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