No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2295

Samson felt like the three of them had spoken too much nonsense. Jackie never participated throughout, cutting himself out to be a lonely figure. He said, ” White, what do you think?”

Jackie raised his eyebrow, earnestly thinking for a moment, “I think the masked man will pass, and Jackie should as well.”

He merely said it to that point, which revealed Jackie’s thoughts. He did not think that Graham would pass. In through, the other three did not have that much confidence in Graham as well.

Yet, the other three never said it out so firmly. Hayden was a little unhappy, “White, you seem confident in your judgment as if it will happen for sure.”

The words obviously bore meaning behind them. Jackie was no idiot, he could tell that Hayden was a little angry as well. However, he did not care about that and did not reply to Hayden’s words.

Even though Jackie had saved the three of them, Hayden still harbored some feelings against Jackie. He felt that Jackie hiding his status like that was very cowardly.

Jackie not answering caused Hayden to be even more angered. Hayden’s eyebrows were raised as he prepared to shoot a few mocking words at Jackie. Yet, at that moment, something happened, and he abruptly looked over.

There’s someone there! Let’s go take a look!”

Jackie glanced at Hayden somewhat curiously. He did not expect Hayden’s senses to be so sharp. Jackie had not even felt anything when Hayden was immediately certain that someone was there. The few of them nodded at the same time, carefully walking toward the direction Hayden talked about.

There was a hill there, and the nearer they got, the louder the sounds of battle they could hear. Listening carefully, Jackie suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Byron’s whole body was trembling slightly. His right hand was clutching his left arm as blood flowed through the cracks in his fingers. It was obvious that he was injured. His face was pale as he looked over somewhere in anger.

“Let me say it again! We were the ones who discovered and killed this beast. The corpse flower it turned into after it died has nothing to do with you! Don’t even think about it!”

A cold laugh answered him, “That’s just wrong. We discovered the beast a long time ago, he just never made a move. It’s not that we couldn’t defeat it, we just didn’t want to get injured because of it.

“So we were waiting for more people to gather before we attacked, but you guys ended up making the first move! The Corpse Pavilion’s rules have always been finders keepers, it has nothing to do with who killed the beast!”

Byron’s face darkened, it was clearly daylight robbery. Everything they said was just a forced argument.

Jackie frowned, surprised that it was Byron. Jackie was only one hill away from them. No one noticed that they were there after they suppressed their auras.

Hayden angrily said, “They’re such bullies! Do they think the Thousand Leaves Pavilion is easy to bully?!

Isaiah said seriously, “It seems like there are three of them on both sides. If the numbers had not been equal, the Corpse Pavilion would probably have attacked!”


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