No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2294

Jackie sighed somewhat helplessly. No one knew better than him how he got to where he was. He knew what Isaiah was conflicted about, and he merely smiled plainly, wanting to see Isaiah’s explanation.

After a long time, Hayden and Samson’s faces were getting impatient before Isaiah finally said slowly,” Jackie used to be an informal disciple, an incredibly ordinary one at that. He improved very quickly.”

Hayden and Samson were stunned in place as if they had just heard something blasphemous. They looked at Isaiah with suspicious looks.

Those looks seemed to be accusing Isaiah. The looks seemed to imply that he should not have said something so dumb even if he did not want to reveal the truth

Isaiah sighed when he saw their expressions, “I’m really not lying. If you don’t believe me, you can ask any other disciple from my clan. You’ll know after that, it’s not really a secret within our clan.”

Isaiah’s explanation caused them to believe it. Samson reached out and rubbed his face, “Is that true? He really was an informal disciple?”

Isaiah’s nodded earnestly. Isaiah could not really believe it either. How did they never notice Jackie before? If Jackie had not been at the Divine Void Slope and had such a stellar performance, he would not even know who the guy was.

Hayden let out a long breath, “Jackie is already on the level of the best disciple from the Corpse Pavilion, and the third best-chosen disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion! He’s just an elder disciple from a third-grade clan. Something like that has never happened before…”

Hayden knew Graham’s skill and potential very well. After all, Graham was in the same clan as him. Thinking about that, he let out a sigh.

“I feel so useless comparing myself to them, but you two still haven’t said who you think can pass.”

Samson frowned before thinking about it in earnest. “Logically, the disciple from the Corpse Pavilion should pass, but I feel like Jackie has a greater chance of passing than he does.”

“Yes, Jackie’s level is lower than the Corpse Pavilion disciple’s, but he’s been able to overcome everything thrown at him so far…”

Even though Samson looked a little silly, he was serious when it came to important matters. He did not mention Graham and only the Corpse Pavilion’s disciple. After all, Hayden was from the same place as Graham, it was a little impolite for him to evaluate Graham so honestly.

Hayden nodded, admitting it bluntly, “Jackie really is strong, and I feel like he’s full of secrets. He should be able to pass!”

The conviction behind his words made it seem like he was more confident in Jackie than Jackie himself. The other three did not know the subject of their discussions was right beside them, quietly listening to them.

After their evaluations, the three of them slowly went quiet. Jackie did not participate in the discussions from start to finish and merely listened on.


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