No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2293

In their hearts, everyone was wondering who would pass. They wondered who would arrive at the foot of Netherworld Mountain, being the person who passed the ninth stage. Only that person would stand atop the peak of the Divine Void Slope. All they could do was look on in admiration.

Samson had a clouded look in his eyes, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s that guy from the Corpse Pavilion. It could even be Graham, or our other senior, Jackie.”

Samson calling Jackie a senior caused Jackie’s heart to move a little. He had entered the Dual Sovereign Pavilion late, and he had only become the disciple of an Elder. Everyone else usually addresses him as a junior.

Yet, with the skills that he had displayed in the Divine Void Slope, everyone acknowledged that Jackie’s skills were stronger than almost everyone there, so he was now a senior.

When Samson finished, he suddenly turned around and looked at Isaiah with curiosity, “Jackie’s from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, what do you know about him?”

“I heard he was an elder disciple, if that’s the case, you two must be very close”

Isaiah felt a sense of awkwardness at those words, not knowing what to say at that moment. In truth, Samson’s words were definitely logical.

Normally, disciples with insane talent like Graham would not interact much with the normal disciples. He was an untouchable existence, and one would be looked down on by others for trying to suck up to someone stronger if they tried to talk to him.

However, Jackie was different. He was an elder’s disciple. His status meant that he could be approached easily. With Isaiah’s status as a chosen disciple, he could definitely talk to Jackie easily.

Isaiah was not one of those people who liked to put on pretenses, so he shook his head bluntly, “Jackie’s situation is a little special.”

His mouth trembled slightly when he mentioned Jackie. After all, Jackie was still only an elder’s disciple, he was a level higher than Jackie.

Yet, he was not so naïve to think that he was better than Jackie. Jackie was clearly much stronger than he was. When Samson heard that, he was suddenly interested, and even slowed down his pace.

He widened his eyes, saying, “What’s so special about him? Is he actually the illegitimate child of some elder? Or is he someone sent by a high-ranking clan to train in secret?”

It had to be said that Samson had a very rich imagination. His thoughts even caused Jackie’s lips to twitch.

Isaiah smiled, somewhat speechless as he said, ” What are you even saying. I say he’s special because he only became an elder’s disciple not too long ago. I wouldn’t have had much time to interact with him at all, even if I wanted to.

“Furthermore, he doesn’t really enjoy interacting much with us. I thought he just liked moving alone and did not enjoy mingling. Now it seems like it’s just because he’s on a different level from us.”

Hayden caught on to the key point, and said in surprise, “He just became an elder’s disciple? Then surely he was one of the top internal disciples before this?”

Isaiah did not know how to answer that question even more. He somewhat awkwardly pursed his lips, looking around. He was very conflicted, not knowing how to answer for them to believe that he was not spouting nonsense.


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