No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2292

There were more than a hundred and eighty people who came into the Secret Place for Resources. Among those, who knew how many of them had the word White in their names. Furthermore, that guy was so mysterious, White must just be a meaningless moniker.

Thinking about that, he sighed, pushing away those thoughts from his head. Samson’s attitude had changed after Jackie saved him, treating Jackie incredibly attentively.

Jackie had planned on advancing himself. After all, he had a special identity, and it would save a lot of trouble. However, sometimes traveling alone could greatly increase the danger.

The few of them could still help each other if anything happened. Furthermore, with how attentive Samson was, Jackie could not leave easily. The four of them formed a small alliance.

The alliance between the four of them was actually more honest than the alliance Jackie had with the five before he entered the Divine Void Slope.

The four of them continued walking toward the volcano as they talked. Samson’s mouth never stopped, and completely revealed everything about the three of them.

“Honestly, the three of us shouldn’t be this familiar with each other, but fate works in strange ways. Last year, I went to Mount Beasts to hunt monsters and was unlucky enough to meet a monster that was at the spring solidifying level.

“At that moment, my only idea was to frantically run. I did not care where I would end up, and I ended up bumping into Isaiah and Hayden.

“That beast was so bloodthirsty, it went straight for the three of us. The three of us were backed into a corner and used everything we had. Using some geographical advantages, we finally managed to kill that beast.”

Jackie raised his eyebrow and asked curiously, “The three of you killed a spring solidifying realm beast together?”

It was not that Jackie was looking down on their skills, but that spring solidifying realm beasts were not something innate stage combatants could deal with. The three of them were strong together, but it would still not have been enough.

Samson sighed helplessly, “The three of us together was somewhat enough. Even if we can’t really beat it, we can still hold on for some time.

“At that moment, the beast was already injured, and we had the geographical advantage, which was how we killed it.”

At that moment, his eyes glinted in a strange light. After falling into nostalgia, he found it hard to pull out.

Jackie nodded slightly, not asking any deeper. After all, the matter was already in the past, he did not really care if it was real or not.

Hayden did not feel like talking about the past. He raised his head and looked at the distant volcano. His dark eyes glinted as he excitedly interrupted the topic, “Who do you all think will pass?”

His question was enough to gain the attention of the other two, and the topic changed to what was on the minds of practically everyone in the blood-red world.


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