No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2291

Jackie stared at the demon trembling for a good long while, and the Illusory Wind Demon finally died! Under the surprised looks of the others, the demon suddenly exploded, turning into a pink light.

The light got more and more intense, so radiant it started to hurt their eyes. After a breath of time, the pink light disappeared. A round pill appeared in front of the three of them! The pill had a strong medicinal smell, and was obviously no common pill!

Jackie raised his eyebrow, sending his divine senses out. After that, he determined that the pill should be a seventh-grade pill. The only trying was that he did not know what the name or effect of the pill was.

However, no matter what, he was the one who killed the demon, and the pill should belong to him. He did not think much about it as he pulled out a box from Mustard Seed, placing the pill inside and keeping the box right in front of the three of them.

All of that was done very casually. The other three might be glaring, but they knew very well that they were not Able to fight over the treasure with Jackie!

After all of that, Jackie did not speak, and Samson was the person who broke the silence, “That was so scary! I thought I wouldn’t be able to see another day. The two of you don’t know, but the flowers almost slit my throat!”

Samson’s face was very emotional as he said that. He did not say that to break the tense atmosphere, it really was true that he was terrified. That moment, he had already accepted death, and his eyes were already dark.

If Jackie had not made a move then, he would really have died. The moment Samson said that he walked forward and saluted Jackie.

“Thank you so much for saving my life. If it wasn’t Exchanging looks before they walked forward and saluted Jackie as well.

Even though Jackie’s identity was suspicious, Jackie had given them so many reminders earlier. After Jackie had killed the demon and saved their lives, they felt that they should at least show some respect.

Jackie nodded, not thinking much about it. He wanted to turn around and continue by himself, but Samson suggested that moving in a group would be safer.

The blood-colored world had danger hidden everywhere. No one knew what would happen the next step of the way, so why not move together! Jackie frowned slightly, not feeling like he would benefit much from moving with them.

However, after thinking for a moment, he agreed to Samson’s suggestion. Even though Hayden was still suspicious of Jackie, he decided not to pursue it since Jackie was not willing to say anything.

Isaiah smiled slightly and said, “We can understand you not wanting to reveal your identity, but can you give us something to call you?”

Jackie nodded, thinking for a moment before saying,” You can call me White.”

Hayden and Samson nodded, both of them calling him that at the same time. Isaiah’s expression changed slightly when he heard that name.

Jackie’s expression seemed to have something behind it, so Isaiah had his suspicions, but after measuring Jackie, he shook his head, feeling like it could not be so coincidental.


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