No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2290

Samson could feel the aura of death wrapping itself around his throat. His eyes were already shut as he slowly waited to die.

Sometimes, when a person knew they were at the brink of death, they would instead calm down. Samson was precisely in that state, although he really wanted to live on. He had a bright future ahead of him, after all.

He was an internal disciple in the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. As long as he did not give up, he would be able to be a deacon in the Thousand Leaves Pavilion or even an informal elder. He had many possibilities.

Yet, that was all about to go up in smoke. The smell was so dense it stunned him, and he suddenly heard, “Found him!”

The next second, many wails filled Samson’s ears. Samson suddenly opened his eyes, and the flowers in front of him seemed to have had their lives drawn out in front of him, wilting suddenly

As if decades had passed for them, the flowers turned to dust after they wilted, and a gentle breeze blew on Samson’s eyes.

Samson’s breathing became erratic, not believing what had just happened. He had clearly felt the scythe of the grim reaper right on his neck earlier! The next moment, the thing that had threatened his life had turned to dust.

‘What happened!’ That was the first thing that flashed in Samson’s mind when he woke up. The shouts he had heard earlier did not seem like they were made by a human, it sounded like the devil!

“Samson, are you alright?!” Isaiah’s voice could be heard in front of him.

Without the flower petals blocking them, Samson could finally see his surroundings. Isaiah seemed to be in a bad state as well. His clothes had been ripped In several places, but thankfully he was not injured.

As he looked at himself in worry, Hayden’s voice was heard, “You’re injured! The poison’s pretty bad as well, your lips are already turning purple. Hurry up and take the antidote!”

Hayden’s warning caused Samson to wake up completely. He did not dare think of anything else as he hurriedly retrieved a poison-curing pill from his ring, swallowing it. The pill entered his body, the medicinal powers poured out, and temporarily stopped the poison from spreading out in his body!

When his body felt a little better, he said loudly,” What happened? How did those flower petals disappear?” The moment he said that he noticed Isaiah and Hayden with shocked gazes looking behind him. Samson looked back.

What he saw was the masked brat earlier next to a large withered tree, hacking away at the withered tree’s truck with his blade.

The tree that was an unknown number of years old was oozing out a pinkish-red, blood-like liquid after being pierced through by the blade.

Looking at it in detail, they could actually see the tree seemingly shaking. It seemed to be having a final struggle before its death. The three of them were incredibly shocked at the scene, not knowing what to do.

Jackie stood upright, looking right at the tree! That was the true body of the Illusory Wind Demon. Due to the memories left behind by that person, he knew that the demon’s weakness was that it was unable to move its true body.

The Illusory Wind Demon had a limited range where it could use its skill. If it wanted to trap them, then its true body could not be far away. The demon would turn into a plant, hiding around them.

Yet, Jackie clearly remembered that there were no other plants around them other than that tree. The reason why Jackie did not think about the demon immediately was because of that tree. The reason was simple, the tree did not have any signs of life at all, it seemed like a tree that had been dead for many years.


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