No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2289

“Where are their physical bodies?” Jackie’s predecessor asked, being less knowledgeable during that period of time.

“It’s right next to you! They will morph themselves into plants,” his friend raised his chin as he replied to him, “Once they turn into plants, they can’t move on their own. This is their biggest weakness. Also, their defense is very weak. Once you find their physical bodies, attack them! Even if they are in their early stages of the innate level, they can be easily taken care of!”

These words kept flashing in Jackie’s mind. The Illusory Wind Demon would transform into a plant, and their range of attack was limited. Their physical bodies would just be around nearby as they conduct the attack.

Jackie clearly remembers not seeing any plants the moment he first set foot in the area. All around him were just barren, blood-red land. The closest to him was only a dead tree, and not even a single weed was found

Jackie froze all of a sudden. He realized he had overlooked something.

“Help! I can’t hold on much longer!” Samson’s gnashing voice came from a distance.

His hands trembled slightly as he struggled to hold up the Spirit Shield. At the same time, he used martial arts to attack the aggressive petals around him.

The petals’ attack increased as if knowing that Samson could not hold on any longer, and seized the opportunity and struck him viciously.

“Hang in there!” shouted Jackie loudly from afar.

The three of them were stunned as they heard Jackie. What is this kid going to do? Does he have a plan? Now that they are trapped helplessly in this quagmire of petals, nobody seemed to have figured a way out. What could that kid do? It’s ridiculous. Perhaps he was just trying to comfort Samson, who was struggling to hold on at the moment.

Samson had the same depressing thought. Even if he held on longer, it would be futile. They did not have a n escape plan. As he thought about his impending demise, he could not help but let out a bitter laugh, his entire self sunk into sadness.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three more petals slammed into Samson’s Spirit Shield, simultaneously consuming his true energy. In addition to himself being poisoned previously, Samson finally could not withstand it any longer.

A part of his Spirit Shield shattered and left a fistsized hole wide open. The petals scattered around Samson seemed to be waiting for this perfect opportunity, they quickly gathered and drilled themselves into the shield hole.

Samson could not stop them from coming in. The sound of slicing air could be heard as the first petal flew toward Samson, cutting his knife-wielding arm. Samson screamed as he felt severe pain.

Isaiah and Hayden both heard Samson’s scream. Their hearts tightened immediately, “Brother, are you alright!” Isaiah shouted.

They did not hear any reply from Samson, it seemed that he had reached a critical point. As the petal pierced his arms, it also released its toxin into his wounds. A second petal was already aiming for Samson’s neck. Now that he was seriously injured, he could no longer defend himself from the attack of the second petal!

Samson’s mind was clear as ever in this very dire moment. He knew if this petal got to his throat, it would be his end.


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