No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2288

Jackie had a sudden recollection in his mind. Something felt very familiar as if he had seen this kind of attack somewhere before!

The more he thought about it, the more familiar it felt. He took a breath, and a memory suddenly flashed In his mind. This memory was a little vague, but he could still remember it clearly.

“This kind of Illusory Wind Demon is the most troublesome. We can find it quickly if it’s on dry land. But it would be troublesome if it’s in a closed jungle.”

“But I remember that the Illusory Wind Demon is just a tiny fiend that has just entered the early stage o f the innate level…”

“Its attack power may not be strong, but it can draw true energy from Heaven and Earth anytime to make up for its lack of strength. As long as you are entangled with it, you need to have good strength and vision to overcome it. Otherwise, it would be trouble!”

The conversation flashed in Jackie’s mind. This memory did not belong to Jackie, but it was inherited from his predecessor back when he was still weak in his cultivation level. This particular conversation happened to his predecessor during a chatter with his friends in the third-world where he was there to fight a war with the goal of training and gaining experience for himself.

Moments after the conversation, Jackie’s predecessor and his friends really did meet the Illusory Wind Demon. However, that one, in particular, did not rain petals all over the sky, but maple leaves instead! Countless maple leaves formed a small circle, trapping them in it, but after a series of tossing around, they managed to escape.

Back in the present, it was a different scenario. Jackie would not have remembered if it was not for the reminder of Samson’s words.

They were very close to the periphery of the blood world and had only advanced within a range of ten kilometers. Logically speaking, it was impossible to encounter any powerful fiends. How could such a weak creature be able to pull off something so strong!

However, the Illusory Wind Demon is capable of doing this. When it matured into an adult, the Illusory Wind Demon was only at the initial stage of innate cultivation and considered weak amongst the fiends. But after encountering it, one would realize that it was actually troublesome to the core. It was more problematic than facing two fiends from the late innate stage, the Illusory Wind Demon may be weak in attack power, but it can trap its victims!

The Illusory Wind Demon could absorb the true energy around while attacking to make up for its own deficiencies. The attacks are continuous, making the Illusory Wind Demon a very difficult opponent to deal with, encountering one would just feel like falling into a quagmire!

If it goes on like this, it would not take long for the Illusory Wind Demon to completely deplete them of their true energy. After that, it will start attacking them. In addition to the creature’s poisonous features, the situation would become critical.

“I didn’t expect it to be an Illusory Wind Demon,” Jackie thought to himself as he let out a long sigh. These fiends did actually exist in reality, but they all inhabited different continents.

Nowadays, there were not many exchanges between continents. Such monsters may only exist on one continent, and news about them could not be passed on. Naturally, people on the Hestia Continent had never seen this kind of attack, nor can they identify what exactly it was. Jackie, however, was different. With the help of the memory which he inherited from his predecessor, he instantly recognized the creature!

The Illusory Wind Demon was not undefeatable. As long as its weakness was pinpointed, it could be taken down easily!

Jackie could still remember the words of the friend of his predecessor from his memory.

“The Illusory Wind Demon was named in such a way because of its ability to conjure up illusions. It could disguise its attacks behind a façade of an everyday object, such as a leaf. They are excellent hunters, consuming the true energy from your body while they can. As you succumb to exhaustion, they would then strike you with their strongest killing blow, and absorb the nutrients in your body after you are dead. Human beings are a delicacy to the Illusory Wind Demon! These creatures could be troublesome, but a s long as you find their physical bodies, you could easily diffuse their attacks.”


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