No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2287

The situation was bad as Samson struggled to hold on. He discovered the fiends had minds of their own. The petals attacked him more violently as they sensed him getting weaker.

Hayden let out a sigh, cold sweat breaking out on his forehead. He stayed silent as he listened to the screams of his other two companions. Now that they have fallen into a quagmire, death was the only way out if nothing was done.

Hayden still had a bright future ahead, and the last thing he wanted was to die in the Secret Place of Resources.

“Find the fiends! We know it’s hiding in the dark!” shouted Hayden loudly, “Only by killing the fiends can we be safe!”

He was right. With petals surrounding them everywhere, they did not even know which direction to flee in. If they failed to escape, the petals would eventually consume all their true energy and leave them to die.

The only way for them to get out was to slay the attacking fiend that was hiding in the dark. However, the problem was that they never discovered any fiend in the first place, and if it was not for the fiend’s attack, they would still be chatting around ignorantly!

They had activated their Aesthesis Sense previously to survey the area, but nothing was found. They could not feel any large energy movement nearby, as if there was nothing else around except the four of them.

“I can’t find anything!” Isaiah exclaimed in exasperation, “I’ve used my Aesthesis Sense to investigate around, but there’s nothing! What should we do next!”

“Why are we seeing such terrifying fiends here? I thought they would only appear around Netherworld Mountain?” Samson asked with a desperate tone of voice.

This question puzzled the three of them. They entered the blood world a few hundred kilometers away from Netherworld Mountain and encountered many small fiends at the beginning of their journey.

These little creatures did not pose any threat to them at all. They expected to face challenging fiends as they approached Netherworld Mountain, but they did not imagine themselves already fighting such formidable monsters just within the first ten kilometers of their journey.

The four of them were not the top among the crowd when it comes to strength, but they were not weak. For a fiend to trap and deal with all four of them at the same time, it was indeed one powerful creature.

Now that they were already facing such a formidable foe within the range of just ten kilometers, they could not imagine what sort of monsters they would meet if they proceeded further. This was an impossible task, even the oldest disciple of the Corpse Pavilion would not be able to advance much.

The four of them were feeling doubtful and apprehensive. Samson did not expect an answer to his question, but it got Jackie to realize something.

Samson was right, their location was indeed too far out, it was impossible for fiends of this level to appear. Jackie was a little puzzled by the weak attacks of the petals. Although he was trapped by the petals, he clearly felt their attacks were not strong.

Jackie may not be able to resist if the petals were to all strike him together, but he had never met with a swarmed assault. Even if it was a dense attack, it would only come in two petals at most…


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