No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2286

Jackie’s words snapped everyone out of confusion, and the three of them rushed outside immediately.

Petals were raining all around, and they did not know which way to head out. The three of them lost their sense of direction at that moment and just ran around blindly.

It was as if the wind could sense their desire to escape, the little breeze blowing on them suddenly became stronger, and eventually turned into a powerful gust of wind.

Jackie could only hear the sound of air current crashing and splashing like a hurricane. There were so many petals falling around that his surrounding vision was obstructed, and he could smell the floral fragrance all over the place.

Jackie and the others did not bother to stop and appreciate such beautiful scenery. He just ran the laws of space and instantly moved ten meters away In a blink of an eye, dodging the attack of the densest petals.

The petals were not giving up that easily. As Jackie shouted to the three people moments ago, the petals scattered around and quickly gathered toward him again.

Jackie frowned, and immediately activated the Spirit Shield. He made a series of seals with both hands, and a gray-black energy substance began swirling on his fingertips!

In an instant, thirty-five soul swords were wrapped I n front of Jackie’s body. A muffled bang sound was heard as another petal, sharp as a blade, vigorously attacked Jackie on his Spirit Shield.

The impact force of this petal was not very strong, but there was more than just one around him trying to attack. Jackie looked around and noticed there were hundreds of petals surrounding him, like ghosts in the wind. Not every petal was aggressive, but Jackie could not tell them apart. His eyes flashed coldly, staring at the petal that had just hit him. He flipped his hand, and instantly a soul sword appeared and sliced the petal, shattering it to bits.

Jackie gritted his teeth, he did not know what he was going to do next. He could continue holding on for the moment. After all, void slaying was a long ranged attack. With all the soul swords in front of him, he could still resist the attack temporarily. However, he did not know when the petals would cease, and whether the fiend who was hiding in the dark would be depleted of true energy and stop attacking them.

Jackie’s spirit was tense as he kept making seals with his hands. Several continuous bang sounds were heard as more petals that attacked Jackie were quickly obliterated by the Soul Sword. The surrounding petals were still too much as if it was never-ending. Jackie felt a little overwhelmed by just looking at them.

At this moment, Isaiah’s voice came from a distance, “I can’t get out!” he shouted loudly, “There are petals everywhere, I can’t see clearly. Their attack power may not be strong, but there are just too many of them. We can’t hold much longer!”

Indeed, they could not hold much longer. By then, their true energy would be completely exhausted, and only death awaits them. The old voice had said clearly, this level would not only bring great opportunities for everyone but also extreme danger. The sudden appearance of the petals had caught them all off guard, and now they got themselves in a helpless situation, unable to escape.

“I’m going to die, there are too many petals! Guys, do something!” Samson shouted with all his strength. He was injured by a petal attack moments ago, the wound festered and turned black in an instant. Although these petals have a strong fragrance, they contain toxins within, and any person that gets into contact with them will be poisoned.


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