No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2285

Jackie nodded faintly; he had no intention to argue with them. As he turned around to leave the discord, an air of fragrance wafted into his nose.

The honey-sweet scent washed over him like a bed of blossoming flowers, and Jackie paused dumbfoundedly. Ever since he stepped into the blood world, everything within his peripheral vision was traumatic and desolate.

He had not smelled the scent of grass and wood, let alone the sweet aroma of flowers. The skeleton-bare trees and decaying stalks he encountered had been dead for God knew how many years. Its rotten and dreadful smell was always present.

Where did the sweet scent come from? Jackie turned his head around once again, facing the three men. The men seemed to have smelled the aroma as well, their faces scrunched up together, sensing how odd the sudden shift of air was.

The aroma became increasingly strong, and a sudden gust of wind blew their wispy long sideburns as it danced in the air.

“Did you guys smell that?” stuttered Samson with a stiff expression.

Isaiah and Hayden nodded.

“We shouldn’t be smelling any flowers in this world, but this aroma is as if we’re being showered in blossoms. What exactly is going on?” Isaiah asked calmly.

Upon saying that, a single petal drifted in front of them from above. The four men were stunned. As they looked up at the sky, flower petals were raining down like a blossom shower.

The scent grew stronger as the petals rained continuously. Jackie took a few steps back as his eyes were glued onto the sky. A sudden ‘swoosh’ was heard from below, and he looked down to find that his pocket had been slashed open. He knew there was something wrong with the petals.

Following that was a shrieking cry from Samson, “F*ck!”

Jackie followed the source of sound to find that Samson’s cheek was slit open, fresh lava of blood flowed from his wound.

Jackie brought his brows together as he focused on the cut on Samson’s face. The cut was forming blisters and decaying in mere seconds! It was obvious that the thing that slashed his skin open was poisonous.

“There’s something wrong with the petals, be careful!” Jackie looked at Isaiah and urged kindly for the sake that they were both from the same clan.

The three men perked up, fully alert at this second. All four of them started forming a protective spirit, summoning their true energy to wholly protect themselves.

The petals that fell onto the ground still exuded sweet scents. A whiff of wind swept the petals off the ground. The petals surrounded them and flew in their direction as if they could see them.

The petals looked fragile and harmless, and at first it seemed to just blindly follow the wind. However, Jackie noticed that the petals had strong motivation to attack the four of them.


Jackie snapped his head back to find that the protective spirit he had cast had been attacked by the razor-sharp petals.

Fortunately, Jackie’s protective spirit and true energy were dense enough that the petals were unable to perforate through it. Jackie knitted his brows once again, glaring at the petals falling incessantly from the sky. He staggered a few steps back using the laws of space, attempting to dodge the petals’ attacks.

Jackie looked up at the rest of them to find that they were still staring at the sky in bewilderment. “Run! What are you guys waiting for? If the petals penetrate your protective spirits, you’d lose your limbs-or worse, dead!” he spat in desperation.


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