No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2284

Jackie had not encountered a single soul, not even a fiend throughout the whole journey. That was the first time he had seen a living human. Among the three of them, he only recognized Isaiah.

Upon eavesdropping on their conversation, Jackie found out that Hayden was from Thousand Leaves Pavilion while Samson was from Muddled Origin Clan. The reason Jackie knew of Isaiah was because they were both from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

Dual Sovereign Pavilion appointed three of their chosen disciples to the Secret Place for Resources. Aside from Nelson and Griffin, the third chosen disciple was Isaiah. The chosen disciples of Dual Sovereign Pavilion were of honorable positions, and they could do whatever they want without facing consequences.

Ever since arriving at the Secret Place for Resources, disciples of higher positions were everywhere, and the chosen disciples had no chance to show off their honorable positions. Jackie had only a faint impression of Isaiah as a person.

Earlier when he had a conflict with Griffin, Isaiah stood aside without saying a word. He was not aggressive like Griffin, nor was he self-righteous and defending himself like Nelson did.

It was as if nothing mattered to him, and he showed no emotions. He also flunked the previous level in the blood world as he failed to kill 120 corpse puppets.

Jackie sighed silently. It was better if he did not show himself, even though he had a new mask and clothing. It was not guaranteed that they would not be able to recognize him after some interactions.

He had decided to wait for the three men to leave before he switched to another direction to head toward Netherland Mountain.

“Who’s there?!” Hayden shot a glare toward the dead tree.

Jackie was taken aback as he did not expect Hayden to have such a sharp perception. Jackie made no major movement, yet Hayden was able to sense him just by his sigh.

Hayden fetched his weapon in a swift movement, his eyes locked on the skeletal tree Jackie was leaning onto. The other two men became aware in an instance as they glared toward the same tree.

Jackie picked on the corner of his lips in annoyance; he did not anticipate to be found out by others. Hayden’s sharp perception was completely unforeseeable. If he refused to show himself, they would eventually start attacking.

He decided to step out from the shadow of the dead tree to avoid unnecessary trouble. He looked slimmer in his new white linen robe, but his vicious aura was unconcealable.

The three men stared in perplexity at the man before them in a white robe and an unfamiliar mask.

“Which clan are you from? Why were you listening to our conversation?” Isaiah’s brows knitted together as he interrogated Jackie.

All clan associations had their own regulations when It came to clothing. Disciples who joined a clan had to follow a dress code. Each title and position had different styles of clothing, but they were similar to each other.

Disciples of other clan associations were usually able to identify which clan a person was from according to the clothing that they were wearing. The robe Jackie had changed into was not of any other clan belonging to the West Cercie State.

Jackie let out a few coughs and altered his voice to a lower pitch. “I-I’ve been chased by the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples.”

Jackie paused briefly after saying that, refusing to further explain himself. However, the three men were able to tell from just one single sentence. If what the man before them was telling the truth, it would make sense that he changed his clothes and put on a mask to disguise his identity and cover his tracks.

“None of us are from the Corpse Pavilion and we’re also not from any of the South clan associations. You’re free to take off your mask, or at least tell us which clan you’re from,” Hayden responded coldly as he raised his brows in doubt.

Jackie knitted his brows upon hearing Hayden’s insistent tone.

“It’s fine, it’s not like we were exchanging any secrets anyway. It won’t matter if he eavesdropped on us. He’s probably just a passerby.” Samson took charge and tried to smooth things over.


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