No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2283

The hoarse voice resounded again while Jackie was still deep in thoughts, “This level will take two days to solve. You’ll be eliminated if you’re unable to reach the foot of Netherland Mountain in two days. The level will begin-now!”

The hoarse voice went completely silent soon after. Jackie stood still as he exhaled a long, heavy breath. He had to calm his nerves and braced himself before he proceeded. He thought thoroughly about everything the hoarse voice had said.

The mysterious owner of the hoarse voice used’ fiends’ to describe all the obstacles they might face, and Jackie knew it was just a collective term.

No one knew what sort of monster they would face at this level. After contemplating for a while, Jackie took out a brand new mask from the Mustard Seed and put it over his face.

Even though he would not be able to see anyone, he knew for sure that he would run into people on this journey. He did not want others to recognize him as Jackie White as it would only cause him more trouble. If the masked man were to figure out his whereabouts, he would no doubt come looking for trouble.

With his current cultivation level, he would probably be able to take the masked man on squarely. However, his objective was to break through the level, not to have a battle with the masked man. Concealing his identity would save him plenty of unnecessary troubles.

After switching to a new mask, he changed into some new clothes as well. He did his best to stay lowkey so that when he did run into others they would not be able to recognize him as Jackie White.

The aura inside the blood world was bleak, and there were no visible corpses or carcasses of any wild beasts. However, the place felt like it was once flourishing and that a harrowing catastrophe had rained and wiped out every single being.

Jackie proceeded cautiously and observed the surroundings that were fogged by absolute desolation. He gasped silently as an air of familiarity washed over him, as if he had been here and witnessed everything before. He dug deep into his memories but could not seem to locate the exact time that it had happened.

“It’s keel grass! The spirited grass that’s ranked top six! What a lucky day for you, junior Hayden!” Samson Hill exclaimed enviously to Hayden Wales.

Moments ago, Hayden successfully killed a fiend that had the appearance of a big rat. Following the fiend’s death was a beam of crimson light, turning the carcass into a keel grass. The keel grass looked ancient, and they could definitely trade it for a good amount of contribution points.

“It’s just luck,” answered Hayden with a wide grin o n his face.

Isaiah Riley shook his head and exclaimed genuinely, “It’s not just luck, junior Hayden. Your abilities are very impressive as well, and I heard that you’re one o f the elites from Thousand Leaves Pavillion.”

The reason they referred to Hayden as ‘junior’ was because he was younger than them; they had no idea who was stronger amongst themselves as they had never fought hands in hands before. It was just easier to refer to him that way for the time being.

Jackie stood about ten meters away from them, concealed behind a skeletal tree. Those three had no idea there was anyone around.

It was the first time Jackie had encountered other people in the blood world. Alas, those were disciples of the North faction, and it would be troublesome if he were to run into people from the Corpse Pavillion. He would have to summon all of his power and attack mercilessly, since the Corpse Pavilion and him had sworn to fight each other to death.

However, he was not sure if he was allowed to kill wantonly in the blood world without being punished. It was certainly not worth the shot.


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