No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2282

“There is a myriad of fiends in the blood world. If you kill them, they’ll turn into spirited grass and herbs, even valuable martial arts and skills. This is the Divine Void Slope giving you a chance,” the hoarse voice continued saying before Jackie could recover from his initial shock.

Upon hearing that, everyone who had come to the blood world perked up in an instant. They were wondering earlier why they were sent to this level, and what was the point of going to the foot of Netherworld Mountain with those three men.

Their doubts were answered.

The hoarse voice announced again, “You’re now standing at a hundred and twenty miles away from Netherworld Mountain. The closer you are to the mountain, the more powerful the fiends are, and the number of fiends who were able to turn into treasures will become rarer.”

The words from the mysterious being were like a dose of stimulant that roused the crowd with motivation and high spirits. Ever since they stepped into Divine Void Slope, they encountered and witnessed nothing but failure after failure; they had not been able to achieve anything for themselves.

The countless treasures were only gifted to the champions, and there was nothing for them but to drool in envy. The fact that there was finally a chance for them to gain something had naturally thrilled them.

Plenty of them were eager to dive right in, fantasizing the possibilities of killing tens of thousands of fiends and attaining limitless treasures and precious martial skills.

Jackie, on the other hand, was not thinking of the treasures he might get from killing fiends. The owner of the hoarse voice had clearly stated that the closer they got to Netherworld Mountain, the levels and powers of the fiends would become greater.

Their mission was to get to the foot of Netherworld Mountain, and by the time they arrived, they would be facing fiends of unimaginable power. As expected, the difficulties of each level escalated quickly.

Jackie let out a gentle sigh as his mind wandered back to the time when he had first arrived at the Secret Place for Resources and faced the three-headed wolf shortly after arriving. He had zero knowledge of the three-headed wolf’s level of cultivation at the time. It was Heath who told Jackie that the three-headed wolf was only at its preliminary level of cultivation.

He wondered if he would have the same problem of not being able to identify the fiends’ cultivation level in the blood world. If that was the case, the difficulty of this definitely went up by a notch.

“Your lives don’t matter in this world. If you were to be killed by the fiends here, you’d be dead for good. It won’t be like before where they’d teleport you out if they sensed that you’re in danger.”

The news rained on them like a cold pail of water during the harshest of winter. Everyone was frozen In terror upon hearing that, fearing that they might be killed off by the fiends.

They did not expect that their lives would be in danger here. Even though their passions were not as vigorous as before, the majority of them were still in high spirits, tempted by the innumerable treasures.

Cultivators were meant to go against the heavenly principles anyway; death was just part and parcel for them. Those who made it to the Secret Place for Resources were all elites from different fractions, and death was not going to stop them from advancing

Those elites had been through hell and back. They had been to treacherous places to obtain points for their clans and to train their combat skills.

Danger was bound to follow them whenever they go, anyway. Sure, they were slightly shaken and their spirits were not as high as before, but they were still fervent.

The hoarse voice continued, “If you don’t wish to participate at this level, you’re free to stay where you’re at right now. You’ll be sent back to Divine Void Slope in two days.”

This meant that this level would last for two days.

‘Does this mean that if in two days we don’t reach the foot of Netherworld Mountain, we’ll fail the mission?’ Jackie thought as he raised his brows knowingly.


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