No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2281

Even after this remark, however, the masked man did not stop. He started to walk over to the 823 meter mark. Each step he took felt incredibly resolved and heavy, and it was also filled with the intense flames of anger.

Graham lightly snorted. He was no idiot and knew what the masked man was trying to do. Despite that, he still felt uncomfortable in his heart. Since the masked man had made his move, Graham did not dwell on it and started to head to the 823-meter range as well.

After a while, the two of them arrived at the same spot where Jackie was. At that moment, only three were left with the right to continue forward. Graham and the masked man were within everyone’s expectations, but Jackie was definitely an unexpected factor.

The spectators all looked at Jackie with surprise. Jackie raised his eyebrows when he saw the other two finally arrive but did not say anything else.

That time, the masked man said nothing for once. Before, he would always shoot a few words whenever he saw Jackie, and each time, his words would be filled with cold mockery.

He chose to keep his mouth shut this time.

Jackie looked over with some curiosity, and he saw a pair of bloodshot eyes. The masked man looked at him as if he had killed the masked man’s whole family, rendering Jackie speechless.

In the silence, the hoarse was heard again, causing the atmosphere to become tense.

“This is the ninth Divine Warrior. After passing this stage, you can climb to the top!”

With those words, everyone on the Divine Void Slope felt their body stiffen. A formless energy started to wrap around their whole bodies.

The next moment, the space around them started to distort. When they studied their surroundings again, there was a massive change in the scenery. The tall Divine Void Slope had disappeared, and they had arrived at a foreign blood-colored world.

When the energy that surrounded his body disappeared, Jackie looked. It was another world that had been stained red with the color of blood. Compared to the previous world, however, this one contained a little more life.

Looking forward, there were hills and also some withered trees scattered around.

In front of them was a massive mountain, taller than the clouds. It was massive, and Jackie estimated that it was about a hundred miles away from him. It was large, but Jackie could still clearly see the naked mountain, and there was even lava flowing at the peak.

There was the clear plow of fire at the peak, and even dark gray rolls of smoke coming out. Looking at that scene, Jackie immediately thought, ‘Volcano!’ It was definitely a massive volcano.

Jackie walked around the spot and found that there was nothing else around him other than himself Could it be that he would have to kill zombies to pass again?

As he thought about it, the old voice could be heard again, “That active volcano is called Netherworld Mountain. As long as you arrive at the foot of the mountain, you’ll earn the right to continue climbing.”

All they had to do was arrive at the foot of the mountain? Jackie blinked suspiciously. It was quite different from what he had thought.

The old voice continued saying, “All those who climbed the Divine Void Slope have the right to participate in this stage.”

Those words shocked Jackie. Anyone could participate?


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