No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2280

For a moment, all the masked man could feel was his anger boiling. It seemed like there was a volcano erupting in his heart, and the lava had completely drowned all sense of reasoning he had. Lennon was scared pale.

There were constant struggles within the Corpse Pavilion itself, and their schemes were much more intense than regular clans. For the masked man to have been able to stand at the top like that, how could he not be ruthless? There must have been countless Corpse Pavilion disciples that have died in his hands.

Lennon might have a certain amount of talent as well, but he was nothing compared to the masked man. He very clearly remembered that the masked man had already entered the spring solidifying realm. However, to head into the Hidden Place for Resources, he had to suppress his level.

Even after going through so many hoops, he did not gain any advantages. It was definitely a huge blow to the masked man’s mental state.

“You… Just you wait!”

Those words were uttered by the masked man through clenched teeth. His eyes reddened as he viciously glared at Jackie’s straightened back.

“Ugh…” Graham spat out a mouthful of blood. He knelt on the floor with one leg as the final Divine Warrior was finally defeated. He let out a long breath as he pushed down the true energy that was activated in his body.

He passed!

After spitting out that mouthful of blood, he felt much better despite his depleted strength. Ever since started walking up the Divine Void Slope, he had been fighting the whole way. Even though he did sit and rest occasionally, he was still in a fatigued state.

It had been an intense battle, and Graham could feel his blood curdling. He had some internal injuries but could still keep them under wraps. After he stood up, he heard a congratulatory voice, “Congratulations for passing, Graham.”

He did not even need to turn around to know that Benjamin was the one who said that. He took a deep breath as he nodded. He then stood up and looked right over to the masked man. The masked man seemed like he was in a state of rage and was panting in anger.

Graham frowned, not understanding why he acted in such a way. When Benjamin saw Graham’s confusion, he stammered, “Graham, look up.”

Graham looked up, just as Benjamin told him to, and noticed the green-robed man standing quietly at the 823-meter mark like an immovable rock.

Graham was stunned, and he suddenly turned his head. He looked at Benjamin, who was still shrouded In a red glow, and when Benjamin nodded reluctantly, Graham immediately understood.

He did not think too much of Jackie since he bore no grudges against the guy. Even though Jackie had been neck-to-neck with him the whole way, he had never really bothered with Jackie.

Before the sixth stage started, he had agreed with the others that Jackie was just lucky to reach that state. Even though luck was important, skill was still what determined victory in the end.

Without skill, he would not have gone far and would have been eliminated at this stage. However, Jackie was already at the 823 meter mark faster than they were. That was definitely a blow to those who looked down on Jackie.

“How did he do it… How!!” Graham’s tone was low as he blurted that incredulously. His entire body trembled when he recalled that the guy was only at the intermediate level of the innate stage.

Even though he had no grudges against Jackie, he was still filled with dissatisfaction and anger, feeling like he had been beaten by someone beneath him.

The masked man heard Graham’s mutters, and his light tone was full of unrestrained anger, “This brat is very durable and much stronger than you, so how could that not be possible?”

He planned on igniting Graham and Jackie’s relationship.


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