No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2279

He won! The masked man had passed this stage, too! His lips curled up slightly, feeling rather pleased with himself

The masked man had put his full focus on the battle earlier, so he did not know what was happening around him at all. He had no clue who was eliminated and who had succeeded.

However, all of that was not important to the masked man at all. He refused to believe that there was anyone else who could possibly complete the task before he did.

He let out a cold laugh, thinking to himself that Jackie was just a piece of trash who happened to be lucky Graham was a little skilled but was still not at his level. The other two were not worth mentioning, since they barely passed the third stage.

Thinking about that, he smiled as he turned his head around. He saw Lennon and Benjamin both surrounded by red glows, and he immediately knew that they had been eliminated just as he expected.

The two of them had a strange look on their faces. Why were they looking at the peak of the slope with a look of anger and helplessness, but also with a trace of acceptance?

Were they reluctant to accept the fact that they were already eliminated from getting the rewards?

However, those thoughts did not last long, because he noticed that Jackie had disappeared. The masked man was someone incredibly self-centered and had a big ego. He did not care much even for his fellow disciples.

However, he cared particularly for that brat under whom he had suffered from multiple times. He wanted nothing more than to have Jackie at the bottom of his feet, begging for his life.

When he saw that Jackie was not around, the masked man immediately looked around. Jackie was nowhere behind or below…so where did he go?

Those thoughts did not dwell in his mind for too long when he felt something wrong. He followed Benjamin’s and Lennon’s gazes up 91 meters further on the slope. Jackie was standing there, unmovingly.

He… was already at the next spot!

How could Jackie already be at the 823-meter mark? What was he? Did he pass? How could he have passed? He had actually reached the next stage first!

Those thoughts played in the masked man’s head, causing him to lose control of his expressions. He looked like an angered lion and his breath became erratic, looking like he wanted to kill someone.

“How could this be! How did he do that?!”

Those words came out of clenched teeth, and his voice was incredibly hoarse.

When Lennon heard the masked man’s roar, his expression froze. He naturally knew of the grudge his senior had with Jackie. With Jackie beating the masked man at every corner, it was no surprise that he was angered.

Lennon gulped subconsciously, carefully saying, “He … He ran very quickly and avoided many attacks. After that…”

After that, he killed the six warriors and passed.

Of course, he did not dare to utter the last words. He was worried that the masked man would tear him apart if he did. To calm the masked man, he was forced to stammer out that Jackie had run away very quickly.

However, those words did nothing to console the masked man. The masked man was already thoroughly crazed at that moment. He had been pushed back by Jackie at every angle. Ever since he was born, he had been a master among masters and was never behind everyone.

How could he not explode being beaten again and again by Jackie like that?


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