No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2277

“Jackie seems far too strong. Compared to him, I’m nothing! Even facing just one Divine Warrior, I had to use my true energy to kill it, yet he fought three at once and didn’t seem to use too much of his strength! Comparing myself to others will really be the death of me.”

“That’s right. I thought that this brat was only lucky to be able to get to this point, and he’s only at the intermediate stage of the innate level!”

The fact that Jackie was only at the intermediate stage of the innate level turned into their biggest point of confusion in understanding Jackie’s true strength. After all, all of them were already at the late stage, thus those in the intermediate stage should have been weaker than them.

Shockingly, Jackie completely changed everyone’s view. They no longer dared to look down upon anyone at that level.

Griffin and Theo glowered at this. Everything they had dismissed as luck earlier had turned into sore spots. Jackie was strong-stronger than any of them.

If they had been in Jackie’s position, they would probably only have been able to last a few breaths before being surrounded and killed by the Divine Warriors. There was no second option!

“How could this be? He’s so strong!” Griffin’s lips quivered, his voice raspy with exhaustion.

Jackie shocked him far too much. Griffin’s confidence had been shattered again and again by Jackie, leaving him nothing but an empty vessel, unable to do anything.

Theo’s face looked even worse than Griffin’s. He was someone who always sought benefits. For the sake of the masked man, he had hid the true reason for his fellow disciple’s death and insulted Jackie with the masked man.

Of course, he did so also because he was afraid of the strength of the masked man. At this point, however, he realized that Jackie, who he kept on targeting, was just as powerful as the masked man. He was no match for Jackie, and going up against Jackie was his greatest miscalculation.

Remembering the way Jackie looked at him, Theo felt a chill in his heart. Jackie would not let him off, and Jackie would surely kill him when given the chance!

Nelson looked at Jackie with a glint in his eyes, his lamenting already enough to fill up a whole bucket. He had thought that Jackie was a junior he needed to protect, yet Jackie was just as strong as direct disciples from fourth-grade clans.

No wonder Jackie had ignored Griffin from the start and had been so rude. He had the skills and could walk the talk!

Those from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion had the most complicated feelings about it. Other than Jackie himself, not one of the 20 disciples from the sect thought that Jackie would be able to reach that stage and be so strong.

Riv muttered to himself, “If I recall… Didn’t he just start studying under the elder? He was even an outer disciple before.”

Others did not know of Jackie’s growth, but the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples did. Jackie had just been an insignificant outer disciple before that, even if he was ranked decently among them.

They clearly remembered the Eleventh Elder picking out a disciple back then, and how intense the reaction had been when the Eleventh Elder picked Jackie. All of them said that Jackie was not worthy of being under an elder and that the elder should have chosen an internal disciple.

At this point, it looked like their opinions back then were a joke. Even the first place among the chosen disciples would probably not be able to stand up against Jackie. Furthermore, Jackie was only at the intermediate stage of the innate level.

“Fiend!” Nelson spat out what he felt in his heart.

At the 549-meter-mark, Jackie turned back and looked at the heavily injured Lennon. The figure that was sent flying earlier was precisely Lennon, who had already been eliminated, and was sitting cross legged.

Lennon being the first to be eliminated was within Jackie’s expectations, because he was the weakest among the five of them. Even Benjamin was slightly stronger.


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