No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2276

With another slash of the sword, the second Divine Warrior completely disintegrated into spots of red light. In a flash, only one Divine Warrior was left next to Jackie.

This time, Jackie was not fast enough. That Divine Warrior had already absorbed the red spots from the Divine Warriors that died earlier. The Divine Warrior’s strength suddenly increased dramatically.

Jackie swept his divine senses around as he began to make estimations. The Divine Warrior before him had strengthened by roughly a third. After his attacks, the third Divine Warrior once again put Jackie on the defensive.

This time, Jackie was calm as usual. The space under his feet started to distort again as he retreated 5 meters back, and this gave him enough time to catch his breath. As he took a deep breath, he started to use Destroying the Void again.

When the third Divine Warrior rushed at him, he raised his sword to attack once more.

After five breaths, a sound reverberated throughout, and the final Divine Warrior disappeared under Jackie’s black blade.

The others were not done with their battles yet, and the energy fluctuations from their own battles turned into gentle breezes after being weakened by the spatial wall. The wind brushed against Jackie’s body, and his hair fluttered with the gust.

His right hand held the blade as he stood still like a tree that would never fall for ten thousand years. He stood right in front, and all the Divine Warriors were already dead. He had no more obstacles in front of him, and he could continue going upward. This time, he would arrive right at the 823-meter-range, where the last Divine Warrior was.

After going through the obstacles planned by the last Divine Warrior, he would reach the peak of the Divine Void Slope and face the final battle.

Of course, that was contingent on others being able to reach the final stage like he did!

“He won! He actually… won! He killed three Divine Warriors.” Those at the 274-meter mark gaped at the sight. Shock was no longer enough to describe what they felt at the moment.

Only Jackie’s immense strength allowed him to continue climbing.

They had thought that Jackie was not qualified and that his luck would not last, yet every judgment they lay on seemed to come back at them like a vicious slap on their faces.

Skilless? Luck? Did he really pass the third stage by sheer luck?

What about the other four who had yet to win? What about them?

Those people no longer knew what to say. They were already sure in their hearts that Jackie absolutely did not have that skill, that he was not worthy of standing alongside the other four.

Everything that happened earlier was right before their eyes. Jackie fought quickly and decisively, and he had a strange movement technique that helped him escape danger numerous times.

He broke through the attacks and defenses of the three Divine Warriors in one move, and after he avoided their attacks, he easily killed the three warriors.

They had thought that Jackie’s inexperience in battle had caused him to fall into a disadvantage, yet Jackie seemed to have already known what to do, and had quickly dealt with the battle without delay.

Those Divine Warriors that feel so unbeatable to them went down like paper before him!


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