No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2275

Griffin was disappointed that Jackie managed to evade the attack and was enraged that Jackie was able to continue fighting

Jackie once again appeared right after his remark, though he did not stand in his initial position. Instead, he moved ten meters away in a flash and appeared behind the attacking three Divine Void Warriors.


The huge soul sword that was fighting against the three Divine Void Warriors completely swallowed the red light. The grayish-black sharp sword acted as if it came from an abyss as it broke through the attack and defense of the first three Divine Void Warriors. The sword pierced through the bodies of the three Divine Void Warriors within the blink of an eye. As the three huge soul swords pierced through their bodies, the first three Divine Void Warriors instantly turned into red specks of light and floated in midair.

Jackie exhaled deeply as he stared at the red specks present after he defeated the first three Divine Void Warriors. He knew that if he did not wipe out the remaining three warriors, these red specks would be absorbed by the warriors to strengthen themselves. Jackie dared not waste any time. He roared lowly and once again performed the grayish-black seals with his hands. The seals integrated themselves with those three huge soul swords used to kill the first three Divine Void Warriors speedily.

All three huge soul swords released a bright blackish ray of light. Jackie took a black sword out of the Mustard Seed at this moment. This sword achieved great things when they were in the blood world, and Jackie felt extremely confident now that he had the sword in his hands.

All three huge soul swords immediately rushed toward Jackie as if their souls had been summoned after Jackie took out the black sword. Within the blink of an eye, all three huge soul swords melted on the black sword like snow melting under the hot sun. The black sword immediately looked like it was covered in a layer of grayish-black halo, and mist of the same color surrounded the sharp edge of the knife. It was as if a black-colored fire was surging from it.

At this moment, those red sparks rushed toward the remaining three Divine Void Warriors speedily as if they had been summoned. Jackie grew taut like a tight rope as he activated the laws of space and once again disappeared from where he was.

He had to kill the remaining three Divine Void Warrior before those red sparks arrived!

At this moment, a loud cry of distress could be heard by his ear. A person flew across the air like a kite with a broken string before landing heavily far away, Jackie was in no mood to see who had been sent flying away, however, as his eyes were trained solely on the three Divine Void Warriors like an eagle.

He waved his sword, and the combined power of those 35 swords was swung forward by the black sword. A suffocating wave of spirit energy immediately landed on the Divine Void Warrior nearest to Jackie. Originally, 11 soul swords were sufficient to kill one Divine Void Warrior, what more the power of 35 soul swords combined into one.


The black sword’s momentum did not weaken after It cut through the red sword. In the blink of an eye, the black sword had sliced the Divine Void Warrior into two. The warrior instantly exploded into specks of red lights!

After killing one, Jackie gritted his teeth as he attacked the second Divine Void Warrior, who sped toward him at the same time. The sound of weapons clashing against one another could be heard as the red and black swords collided with one another. An unstoppable wave of energy immediately exploded, and Jackie broke the red knife into pieces.

The Divine Void Warrior quickly moved backward, but Jackie did not plan to provide him with any chances to retreat and attack again. He pounced forward again like a famished eagle who had not feasted on meat for ten days.


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