No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2274

Jackie put his hands together, and the 35 soul swords floating in his palms immediately combined into three. Three huge soul swords floated three meters In front of Jackie, and a sharp look flashed past his eyes.

The old announcer mentioned that the Divine Void Warriors were stronger than the warriors he faced during the second challenge. Although they were not very much stronger, it was no longer realistic to handle all six of them with the previous strategy he used. He had to defeat half of them first!

Once again, he performed the seals with his hands, and the grayish-black seals instantly merged with the huge soul sword in front of him. The soul sword was like a cannon ready to be launched. With a swing, the huge soul sword rushed toward the Divine Void Warrior. Both parties moved speedily and rammed into each other before Jackie managed to take his second breath.

With a loud bang, the red light and the grayish-black soul sword collided with each other heavily. At that moment, the black and red colors blended together.

All of a sudden, with the sound of something creaking, the red beam seemed to falter.

Jackie only focused on attacking those three Divine Void Warriors, and the remaining three were still rushing toward Jackie without hesitation. Jackie’s energy had been exhausted, and his new energy had not been replenished.

The remaining three Divine Void Warriors were right before him, and a gust of strong wind landed on Jackie’s face. This was the energy wind aroused by a martial skill before the skill came attacking at him. Jackie could have very well suffered tremendously had the attack hit him squarely.

At this moment, Jackie’s eyes were bloodshot, and those three Divine Void Warriors had already turned into three bundles of red light. They arrived within three meters of Jackie’s surroundings at a speed invisible to the naked eye. He could even see the sharp edges of the knives illuminated by the red light. All three Divine Void Warriors acted simultaneously, using a semi-encirclement attack and blocking all possible escape routes Jackie had.

The people standing at the bottom of the slope were In an instant uproar when they saw this scene; Jackie was sure to lose if he failed to prevent this attack. After all, his strength was limited, and he was completely defeated during the first attack. He was fortunate to arrive at this challenge and fought with the four other masters. If the martial skill he practiced did not happen to suppress the corpse puppets, he would have been eliminated a long time ago.

On top of that, he was not the most careful when he attacked the warriors. The Divine Void Warriors had increased from three to six, but he managed to only combat three. Did he think that the remaining three would not attack him after he defeated the first three of them? Such a method of confrontation proved his lack of experience in combat. Anybody who experienced several serious battles would not make such a decision and allow themselves to land in this unresolvable dilemma.

Griffin harrumphed coldly. “He’s done for this time!”

Griffin, however, discovered that Jackie was no longer where he stood at that very second. A second later, he heard a loud explosion, and the attacks from the three Divine Void Warriors slammed to the vacant spot where Jackie had stood.

He had disappeared into thin air.

Griffin could clearly hear the deep inhales coming from around him and his own pounding heartbeat.” Impossible! How did he disappear?!” growled Griffin’s hoarsely, his disappointment and anger evident.


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