No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2273

“Can you stop talking?” grumbled Jackie. No matter what, their relationship was especially acrimonious, and nothing good would happen even if he spoke nicely. This was why Jackie decided to not let this guy get used to doing this.

The masked man’s face darkened as Jackie spoke against him. He was so angry that he almost choked. “B*stard! Just wait and see! Don’t think that you’re safe just because I can’t do anything to you right now!

Jackie chuckled and replied nonchalantly, “Then I’ll be waiting for whatever you’ll do. I just hope that you don’t beg me to forgive you in tears when we get to that point.”

The masked man was so angry that his hands trembled when he heard this. Graham and the others even looked toward Jackie in surprise; even he dared not speak to the masked man with such an attitude. After all, there were certain things he had to do in order to maintain their superficial relationship. Was Jackie not afraid that the masked man would try everything in his power to kill him after he spoke so definitively? Graham grew increasingly curious when he saw how calm Jackie was, but the argument did not continue.


The sound of sharp knives being unsheathed could be heard by all five of them, and they turned to look toward where the sound came from at the same time. All five Divine Void Warriors standing in front of them released a bright red light from their eyes at the same time, bright like the sun. All three Divine Void Warriors standing in front of each person pulled their weapons out at the same time. It was still a sword that was three meters long, but this time, the sword was not covered in a purple light. Instead, the sword was surrounded by a layer of intense red color, and it looked like the sun was burning.

“It’s coming!” Nelson looked upward and lowered his voice as he spoke. The people standing at the bottom of the slope started to get nervous. This was going to be a very intense battle, and they had no idea if any of them would be able to pass the challenge.

“Senior Brother Graham will pass the challenge, for sure!” exclaimed one of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciples. The Corpse Pavilion’s disciples did not wish to be outdone and started shouting that their eldest senior brother would win when they saw that the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciples were working so hard. They even shouted that Senior Brother Lennon would also win. The sounds of people cheering could be heard coming from the bottom of the slope, and it shook the earth. However, this did not affect the mentality of those five people standing on the slope.

Jackie restrained all his thoughts as he stared at the three Divine Void Warriors in front of him. The warrior in the middle moved, and he swung the red knife in his hands, rushing forward like a cannonball. The two other Divine Void Warriors followed after the first warrior as they rushed to attack Jackie.

The same happened to all five of them, and those standing at the bottom of the slope saw everything that happened. The crowd inhaled deeply as things were happening just as they imagined. The three warriors attacked in a semi-surrounding manner so that the five of them did not have a chance of avoiding the attack!

Jackie frowned and continuously performed seals with his hands. The grayish-black seals formed in his palms, and within the blink of an eye, all 35 soul swords appeared in his palms. The 35 soul swords exuded energy that looked like mist.

At this moment, the Divine Void Warriors that came rushing toward him were covered in a red light in mid -air. The next second, the three warriors separated into six warriors. Six identical Divine Void Warriors held onto the same red sword as they aimed for the center of Jackie’s head!


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