No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2272

Not only did a Divine Void Warrior appear right in front of them, but the same Divine Void Warrior appeared on their left after the same red light flashed past them. “Goodness… Three Divine Void Warriors? What’s happening?” Before the five of them said anything, those standing underneath the slope had already started to go crazy.

True enough, the challenges grew increasingly difficult, and now that three Divine Void Warriors appeared at once, were each of them supposed to fight three warriors by themselves?

As they began to feel unsettled, the old voice once again appeared beside their ears. Each of you will fight three Divine Void Warriors, all slightly stronger than the warriors you defeated during the second challenge. However, these warriors also use the same martial skill, Dream Soul Swordsmanship. Defeating all three Divine Void Warriors is equivalent to passing the sixth, seventh, and eighth challenges!”

Once the announcement was over, the people standing at the bottom of the slope once again started rambling

50 percent of them failed to carry out the third challenge, while 99 percent of them failed to pass the third challenge. However, most of those standing at the bottom of the slope experienced the second challenge, and the lingering fear toward the second challenge loomed in their hearts. Many of them were defeated during the second challenge, and none of them could imagine that their sixth challenge was four times more difficult than the second challenge.

Four times the difficulty was inaccurate, however, as the Divine Void Warriors standing in front of them were stronger than those they faced during the second challenge. More importantly, they had to defeat three at once! On top of that, the martial skill they used was the Dream Soul Swordsmanship! When they attacked, they would be divided into two, and if they failed to defeat the second one soon after they defeated the first one, the warriors would absorb the remaining power left behind by the first warrior.

The second warrior would replenish itself, and its power would double in an instant. This meant that once they started fighting, each of them had to handle six Divine Void Warriors—all powerful beings, too!

“How are they supposed to defeat the warriors?” asked Riv, his mouth hanging open widely. Nelson also smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Even if I pass the third challenge by force, I’d fail this challenge for sure! It’s too difficult!” Nelson meant this from the bottom of his heart. Although he won easily during the second challenge, he was facing a limited number of enemies. He did not have the certainty of winning if he was asked to face six warriors at once!

The people standing at the bottom of the slope could not help but start mumbling.

“Do they even want them to let these people win the challenge? I feel that the difficulty set by this Divine Void Slope is meant to make us stuck here so that nobody wins the challenge!”

“That’s right! Even if this fight represents the sixth, seventh, and eighth challenges, there’s still a ninth challenge awaiting them. I wonder how difficult the ninth challenge is, seeing how difficult the previous challenges were already. I’m scared to even think of the ninth challenge; I think that it’s almost impossible to complete!”

The people standing at the bottom were extremely noisy while those five standing on the slope were in peace. After some time, Benjamin was the first one to speak. “It’s quite challenging. Senior Brother Graham, are… Are you confident?”

Graham glanced at Benjamin. The two of them were chosen disciples directly trained by the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. They were stronger and much more talented than usual disciples, and they also understood each other’s strength well.

Benjamin was slightly uncertain as he faced the challenge that had doubled in difficulty. However, he felt that Graham should be capable of passing the challenge. Graham exhaled and said. “Don’t go into the fight thinking you’ll lose; this will weaken your momentum. You won’t win with that attitude!”

Benjamin nodded and kept quiet. The masked man glanced at Lennon, the junior brother standing beside him, without saying a word. Lennon was slightly nervous, but he understood his senior brother’s temperament well. The masked man would not have blinked even if he died in front of the masked man.

“You look like you can always remain calm no matter what happens,” remarked the masked man as he turned around to look at Jackie.

Jackie could not help but roll his eyes. This guy had always tried to cause him trouble, no matter where he was. He seemed to revel whenever Jackie was in any form of issue.


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