No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2271

Jackie turned around and did not respond. No matter what the masked man said, he acted as if he heard nothing. It did not matter how much he said.

On top of that, Jackie looked forward to the last challenge. If this was before the absorption of that Scattered Soul Crystal in the blood world, he might not be a match against the masked man. However, the current situation was different. The Scattered Soul Crystal allowed Jackie to form 20 soul swords. Coupled with the 15 soul swords he formed before, he had a total of 35 soul swords, which reassured him from being intimidated.

The mark that he had mastered Destroying the Void was when he managed to form 50 soul swords. As of late, he was only 15 soul swords away from his aim of 50 soul swords. Once he managed to form 50 soul swords, nobody in the innate level would be his opponent. After all, Destroying the Void was at least I in the ultimate god level, and nobody in the innate level, apart from Jackie, could practice martial skills of the ultimate god level. This was Jackie’s greatest advantage.

“A total of five people have passed the challenge!” The old voice spoke again and instantly silenced those who were still embroiled in chatters and gossip. “Those who’ve succeeded shall continue to climb up the Divine Void Slope! This time, you’ll be allowed to climb a hundred and eighty meters and arrive before the sixth Divine Void Warrior!”

Everyone looked at the five challengers once the announcement was over. At this moment, Graham and the others had almost recovered. All five of them wasted no time and immediately climbed forward. Out of the 180 people there, only five of them were qualified at this moment. Everyone else looked at the final five continuing their ascension as sadness, envy, and jealousy flashed past their eyes.

Riv could not help but lament, “This is really cruel. I thought that I’d be able to face the eighth Divine Void Warrior no matter what, but I never thought I’d fail to even defeat the third warrior.”

Riv had never realized such a difference between his talents and the others. They were in the final stage of the innate level, but the difference was vast. He could even imagine how the eldest disciple of the Corpse Pavilion could kill him with a single attack. Riv was not the only one who felt this way as many of those there also felt the same. They felt terrible, but there was nothing they could do.

Jackie walked calmly as he climbed toward the 180meter-point, one step after another. An extremely tall Divine Void Warrior was already standing there, staring at him indifferently as if Jackie was the tiniest ant in the world. It felt like he would disappear with a wave of the warrior’s hand.

It felt terrible to be stared at in such a way, but Jackie had already gotten used to it.

The Divine Void Slope was still covered by a layer of thin mist, and no one could even see clearly what the slope was made of. The five of them were placed at five different positions and were a certain distance from each other. Apart from Jackie, they were looking at each other. Finally, they arrived at the 180-meterposition 15 minutes later. Those who turned around to look backward from this position finally felt like they were able to see everything in a single glance. The clan brothers that were eliminated looked upward at them like little mice.

With the mechanism being activated, the sounds of cranks audible, the Divine Void Warrior started moving. The warrior was still holding his weapon, but he raised his leg and was prepared to move to one side, much to the five’s confusion. After all, the Divine Void Warriors they faced in the past would not start attacking before they got ready. The five of them could not help but walk several steps backward.

The Divine Void Warriors ignored all five people and moved to the left in unison to move away from their previous positions. As all five of them were wondering what the warriors wanted to do, they saw a red light flashing past them the next second. Another Divine Void Warrior appeared at the position the first Divine Void Warrior moved away from.


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