No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2270

“That’s right; he got lucky! If Jackie didn’t practice martial skills of the soul attribute, I’m sure that he would’ve failed the mission and gotten eliminated!”

“He’s not qualified to advance forward with the other four!”

“That’s right! This guy is just lucky. How can he manage to advance if his skill didn’t happen to suppress the corpse puppets?!”

Many people were unconvinced, viewing Jackie like he was just a guy who hit the Jackiepot. They admired the other masters who succeeded with their true power, yet they despised and were unconvinced with Jackie. Why did he advance forward with the four other masters? Most importantly, this guy was only in the intermediate stage of the innate level. Why did he succeed when they, a group of people in the final stage of innate level, failed to advance further?

Griffin felt terrible as though he had eaten kilograms of dung. Before the masked man explained things, the thought that Jackie was stronger than him tormented him. However, he felt even worse after he heard the explanation. After all, Jackie managed to advance forward because he was lucky, and not because he was stronger than Griffin.

No matter what, Jackie would be treated as an important talent the sect would train with his current results. Who knew how much resources they were going to throw at him? Griffin felt even worse when he thought of this.

“Don’t pay attention to what they say. They’re just… jealous,” commented Riv as he eyed Jackie.

Jackie chuckled. To be frank, he had never paid attention to what the people around him discussed. It did not matter if they complimented him, envied, admonished him, or said anything bad about him. After all, the soul attribute was not something everyone could practice, let alone achieve his current achievement.

He turned around and glanced at Riv. “It’s alright.”

Riv sighed softly. Since they entered the Secret Place for Resources, the various topics surrounding Jackie had never stopped. He always managed to become the center of every conversation.

“In that case… Don’t feel too good about yourself, then!” The masked man’s voice once again suppressed the discussion surrounding them that drifted into Jackie’s ears. Jackie turned and noticed how the masked man eyed him with a strange expression In his eyes. The more the others slandered Jackie, the happier the masked man was. He was even happier when he knew that he was the one causing all this.

Jackie sneered and said, “I’d say the same thing for you, too.”

The masked man was stunned. Jackie had always managed to surprise people, and all of a sudden, Jackie was repeating the same thing to him?

“Hahahaha!” The masked man sneered and felt that Jackie was growing even more outrageous than before. “B*stard! You better hope that you’ll be eliminated in the next challenge. Otherwise, I’ll make sure that you wish you were dead when you face me!”

Jackie knew what he was talking about. The old voice said that they had to face ten challenges, but there would only be nine Divine Void Warriors. This meant that the people they had to face in the tenth challenge would be the others who also passed the other challenges and arrived at the last challenge.

The masked man raised his eyebrows and commented disdainfully, “You might not make it to the last challenge. With your current capabilities, you’ll surely be eliminated when facing the sixth Divine Void Warrior.”


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