No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2269

Benjamin suddenly chimed into the conversation.

Graham looked over and saw that Benjamin was also deep in his thoughts as he looked at Jackie. He knew that Benjamin was thinking what he was thinking. He had also experienced the fight with 120 corpse puppets and almost failed in the end. Benjamin’s wounds were more severe than himself, so he was even puzzled by Jackie’s current condition.

“I get it now!” At this moment, the masked man, who was some distance away, suddenly spoke up. A calculative look flashed past his eyes, and he looked like he had solved the most difficult problem in his life. He spoke loudly, and as his position was apparent, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention with his boisterous exclamation. Even Jackie looked over, and the masked man sneered before narrowing his eyes. “You are practicing the soul attribute, aren’t you?!” challenged the masked man, sounding very certain with himself.

Many people, at that moment, realized that Jackie indeed practiced martial skills of soul attribute as they saw Jackie’s attack. The masked man and the others were also looking at Jackie, so they also saw everything. Jackie, however, chuckled and said nothing. He ignored the masked man and wanted to see what the masked man was about to say.

The masked man exhaled deeply. “No wonder you were so calm when you came out. You looked like you’ve just had a meal in the blood and suffered no losses when we almost exhausted our true energy! On top of that, you’re only in the intermediate stage of innate level, and you should have one quarter less true energy storage compared to us. Why are you all fine and dandy when our energy has been completely exhausted?!”

The others immediately agreed with what the masked man said. After the five of them came out, they naturally became the focus of everybody there. Compared to how tired, exhausted, and wounded the other four were, Jackie seemed to be in the pink of health, and they could not feel any changes from him. It felt like these five people did not move to the same place and were doing different things. Everybody even gossiped and theorized why they were in two different states.

The masked man turned around and faced Jackie as he spoke, “The corpse puppets had an incredible level of defense, and we had to spend a huge amount of energy to kill or incapacitate them. We had to execute strong martial skills to destroy the corpse puppets’ defense, yet you didn’t need to do that.”

The masked man paused here as a darkened look crept to his face. A hint of jealousy flashed through his eyes, no doubt envious of Jackie’s good luck. He then added, “You are practicing martial skills of the soul attribute! The corpse puppets’ weakness happens to be their soul, and you need only destroy the corpse puppet’s exterior and let your attack penetrate them. You’d be able to kill the corpse puppets’ souls easily!”

The masked man was a master that was once in the solidifying soul level and the strongest among the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples. Before anyone else realized what was going on, he had already found the crucial point of the issue and knew why Jackie was so relaxed.

Jackie could not help but think better of the masked man as the situation was just like what the masked man said. He was completely unbothered because the martial skill he practiced happened to suppress the corpse puppets. Hence, he was able to kill all 120 corpse puppets without exerting too much strength.

The masked man’s explanation could be understood easily, and everyone quickly understood what he said. This time, their surroundings were filled with chatters of discussion again. “No wonder this guy was unhinged when he came out. Turns out, he’s been cutting corners! He’s so lucky. The others killed a hundred and twenty corpse puppets with much difficulty, while he only had to break their skin to kill them easily!”


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